Review: Imagine Dragons 7.7.15

By Lindsay Kosma Photos by Kurt Shackelford

July 10, 2015

Imagine Dragons rocked it out for a packed Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC on Tuesday, July 7th. The performance was only a stop on their two month national tour promoting their most recent album, “Smoke and Mirrors,” which came out in February of 2015. From the start there was high-energy: Harmonic rock group Metric kicked off the night, and was followed by special guest Halsey.

Photo by Kurt Shackelford
Photo by Kurt Shackelford

Glittery lights danced across the massive, white curtain that hung in front of the stage as ambient guitar sounds echoed. The crowd erupted as their anticipation for the show came to an end. Silhouettes of the band members moved in shadows across the curtains and the crowd screamed even louder. The image was a clear, clever play on the title of the band’s most recent album.

The immense curtain fell abruptly to the floor and the band sprang into the song “Shots.” The audience jumped to its feet, clapping and singing every word.

“My hope is that you have the very best night of your entire life,” said frontman Dan Reynolds.

Photo by Kurt Shackelford
Photo by Kurt Shackelford

The second tune came to life as the band, consisting of Wayne Sermon on guitar, Daniel Platzman on percussion, and Ben McKee on bass, produced a sweet and soft melody. The second layer of the song was a quick, electronic bass and swift clapping to create the beat. What followed were beautiful harmonic vocals that every band member contributed to. This type of melodic build, accompanied by synchronous light-play, continued to add dynamic to the performance throughout the night.

The quartet carried on playing crowd favorites like “It’s Time” and surprised the crowd with their cover of Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young.” Spectators created waves of light throughout the arena by holding up lighters and phones.


“I’ve gotta tell you we feel very fortunate to do what we do every night… to rub shoulders with you and read your stories and get your letters,” said Reynolds. “The reason I share that with you is that we all know these past couple of years have been rough for our country and world…Our hearts have been shattered. This is no soapbox, but music is the greatest thing because it sees through all of that. I look out and see so many diverse people and I hope we can appreciate that and be the generation that changes all of this.”

That vivacious, kinetic spirit was woven through the entire performance in both the group’s music and crowd interactions. The synth-based rock-pop group truly did their part in making the night at least somebody’s “best night ever.”

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