Former Charlotte resident Scott Lazer talks about directing J. Cole’s “ATM” music video

By CLTure News

May 3, 2018

Former Charlotte resident Scott Lazer (aka Scott Lazes) has been garnering a lot of attention for his video work with Dreamville Records and J. Cole. He’s continued to work closely with J. Cole since directing the HBO documentary Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming in 2015. His latest video for “ATM” from Cole’s album KOD has been receiving some press online for its imaginative nature.

He sat down with Genius to discuss the album art, creative process and the intricacies of the video. With visuals inspired by Hype Williams, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and Busta Rhymes, the video is definitely colorfully psychedelic, which is a new direction for both Cole and Lazer.

He’s come a long way since directing Lute’s video for “Queen City Slummin” in 2013.

Watch the Scott Lazer describe the process in this Genius feature.

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