Sensoria Food & Wine gathers top Charlotte chefs to present array of local fare

 By Stephanie Hoyt

April 10, 2018

For the first time in its 25-year existence, the Sensoria Literature and Arts Festival will include a food and wine component in its week-long schedule. Sensoria Festival began in 1993 as the Central Piedmont Community College’s Spring Literary Festival and was renamed in 2006 to reflect its growth as it incorporate more art and cultural events. To accommodate the 15,000 students and locals who attend each year, most sessions are free and open to the public. Sensoria Festival lives up to its name by holding stimulating and thought-provoking discussions and demonstrations that bring each cultural experience to life, and the food and wine festival will be no exception. The Piedmont Culinary Guild will partner with CPCC to host the Sensoria Food and Wine Festival on Sunday, April 15.

Aiming to strengthen the culinary community by sharing resources, educating consumers and establishing regional recognition, the Sensoria Food and Wine Festival will showcase these objectives using live cooking demonstrations, hands-on classes and creative food and wine pairings. Attendees are offered up to four hours at the culinary event to pursue their interests. The food and wine tasting will be open throughout the day and will include 11 pairings created by Charlotte’s top chefs.

A North Carolina wine will be paired with a creation from each featured chef that will delight the palate and the senses. Guests will choose the “Best Pairing” by casting votes for their favorite dish.

Matt Krenz of The Asbury

Chefs scheduled to participate include Clark Barlowe of Heirloom, pastry chef Ashley Boyd of 300 East, Chef Chris Coleman of Stoke, Greg Collier of The Yolk, Joe Kindred of Kindred, Matt Krenz of The Asbury and many more.

After attendees have had their fill of gourmet food and local wine, they are welcome to choose a couple of the following demonstrations:

From Wine to Vinegar

Did you know unused wine can be transformed into vinegar? In this session, learn how to ferment leftover wine into cooking vinegar.

Profiling Flavors of Wine

If you are curious about a chef’s ability to seamlessly pair food and beverages, this demonstration will be insightful. Learn how food and wine components may coincide or clash and impress your friends with your newly discovered techniques for pairing.

Chocolate and Wine

Everyone’s favorite combination has a class of its own. If you have a sweet tooth, sample some tasty chocolates while learning which wines pair well with each sweet.

Joe Kindred of Kindred Restaurant

Whine Not?

Extensive wine lists and offerings at wine specialty stores can overwhelm consumers.  Take this class about how to select wines and become comfortable in selecting the next bottle for your guests and business associates.

Fortified Wines

Complete the festival on a sweet note with this session about fortified wines. Fortified wines are better known as dessert wines. Dessert wines will be reviewed in this class as well as how best to pair them.

Wine Line Up/A Blind Tasting

This blind tasting will explore three international wines from around the world. Learn the history about each wine and how the relevant environment affects the grape and what is poured into your glass.

Ashley Boyd of 300 East

A VIP option is also available for guests who would like to attend a private detailed tasting of four diverse wine varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Chardonnay. Each wine will be served in a specifically designed Riedel glass that enhances the flavor profile of each varietal. The VIP session will explore how the configuration of a glass enhances the enjoyment of each wine. Each VIP guest will take home a set of the four glasses featured in the class.  

The Sensoria Food and Wine Festival will take place from 12:00-4:00 p.m. in the Philip L. Van Every Culinary Arts Building during the last day of the festival, April 15. General admission tickets are $100 and VIP admission is $160, which includes the Riedel Wine Tasting and glasses. All profits from the festival will be donated to educating the next generation of food artisans by offering culinary scholarships. Check out more information about PCG and the Sensoria Food and Wine Festival

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