Shovels & Rope return to Charlotte with ‘Little Seeds’

By David Box

February 20, 2017

If you’re a music lover with an affinity for truly original and fresh acts there’s a show you don’t want to miss just around the corner. Shovels and Rope bring their brand of soulful folk infused rock to the Knight Theater. Little Seeds, the latest album by the husband and wife duo, continues in their unique manor of high energy story telling through song. Sometimes the pace is frenetic, other times it slows to the comfortable speed of a Southern drawl. But the one constant is the feeling you’re just enjoying a familiar tale spun by a skilled raconteur. Memories of a warm campfire, a cold beverage, and an acoustic guitar or two may or may not enter your consciousness as your foot taps in rhythm and your head bobs to the lyrics.

Photo by Jim Dimitroff for CLTure

Sometimes you marvel at the knowledge that just two people are able to create the sound you’re hearing. The album is laced with tracks of the artists simply talking to their audience, which leads one to assume their live set will be correspondingly conversational. Some of the songs appear to be love songs between the two, while others seem to be autobiographical ballads. You can’t really know what was going through an artists mind when they created their work, but the album nonetheless paints a beautiful picture of a love story and journey through life with snippets of tangible memories and decipherable emotions and scenes

One thing is for certain; this intimate venue will afford patrons an up close and personal experience with this popular yet not quite mainstream band.

Catch Shovels & Rope with John Moreland on Tuesday, February 21 in Charlotte.

Watch the video for “I Know” from the album Litte Seeds.

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