So Fest So Clean Fest Music Preview

Community unites to clean the streets and rock 

By: Shirley Griffith (Cover photo by Drea Atkins)

October 7, 2016

Over the last few months, three of the coolest guys in town have met over beers in order to bring So Fest So Clean into fruition. Petras’ Perry Fowler, Toothache Booking’s Phil Pucci (also works at Petra’s), and Snug Harbor’s Zach Reader have all come together to book the inaugural festival which takes place this Friday and Saturday in multiple Plaza Midwood venues. SFSC is sponsored not only by Pabst Blue Ribbon and Sailor Jerry, but also by Keep Charlotte Beautiful (an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful) which has pitted like-minded individuals together to beautify public spaces since 2001.

What sets SFSC apart from other festivals is the love and commitment to our community. The fest streamlines action over two days between three venues with over 20 bands, plus local sponsors, and brings the whole package together with a legitimate and accessible environmental cause. I don’t know about you, but my favorite type of party is a party with a purpose. Due to the inclement weather, the clean up has been moved from tomorrow to October 22nd outside of Petra’s to do a street clean-up down Central Avenue from 7th St to Morningside.Here’s a link to sign up and do your part:

The lineup for SFSC includes local standouts (of which there are too many to mention in one sentence), as well as regional favorites like Raleigh’s Naked Naps or Nashville’s Ttotals (pronounced Totals, I gotchu fam). See below for the full daily lineups and what to expect from each band to help you navigate your evenings. Times are subject to change because you know Plaza Midwood gets down on that punk-rock time.


Snug Harbor

11:40p: JaggerMouth – “Explosive rock’n’roll hysteria. Their southern charm accents their powerful riffage and devastating stage show while exposing the grit and grime of a true American struggle from the streets of Charlotte.”

10:50pm: Ravagers – “Reducing rock back into the nasty early mammalian stage with that crazy, hairy, toothy attack against a world full of cold reptiles.”

10pm: Ttotals – “Nashville’s outer blues brothers create dynamic psychedelia that seeps through minimal grooves and expands as revelatory croons.”


Midnight: Shadowgraphs – “mesmerizing psychedelic tones in the vein of 13th floor Elevators and the golden age of enlightening psychedelic rock. Their 2015 album Return to Zero was a straightforward, bluesy and completely distinctive sound to come out of the Queen City.”

10:45pm: ET Anderson – “ET Anderson is a man of many personalities—a practice in contradictions, fusing garage rock, psychedelic ‘60s nostalgia, and R&B grooves. All these collections blur and collide, pulling the listener into his wave of madness, always wondering what’s to come.” –Jared John Buchholz

9:45pm: Knowne Ghost – Southern Nugaze

9pm: Koosh – Koosh is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated acts in Charlotte. Koosh is smart contemplative electronica that feels warm and inviting in a medium that can very easily come off cold. Just get there early to see Koosh, punk-rock time be damned. I wouldn’t steer you guys wrong.

The Station

Midnight: Dollar Signs I’ve watched $$$ bloom from one sweaty guy with a vision yelling about pizza to five sweaty guys confronting depression and social anxieties head-on with clever, brutally honest satire. A $$$ set is always energetic and accepting.

11pm: Motel Glory – 1960’s garage rock meets Hee Haw meets hardcore meets 10’s regrets with a redaction by 50’s Chuck Berry. Chaotic rock-n-roll that winks and screams

10:15pm: Totally Slow – “Although their music builds on classic sounds, the true pleasure is in how they wield familiar implements like expert stone masons. Live and on record, they’re a phalanx of melody and guts, churning and burning with insistent hooks and tough energy, all amply demonstrated on their newly-released LP Bleed Out (Self-Aware / Negative Fun Records).”

9:30pm: Tigerdog – “Tigerdog is made up of three longtime friends living their dreams of deliciously ’90s riffage, silliness, and world domination.”


Snug Harbor

Midnight: Modern Primitives – Not only are MPs playing, they’re also premiering their new music video for “Feet” during their set! Modern Primitives have been growling around the Charlotte scene since 2011, honing their techniques by focusing on their prolific live performances. Their sound is a premium blend of loose psychedelia, wild rock, and just the right amount of boozy, hungover blues.

11pm: The Belmont Playboys – “Neorockabilly psychopunk heavydeathmetal rapfunk fusion band. From hell.”

10pm: It’s Snakes – Wild and gritty band with rockstar Hope Nichols bellowing out from behind the drums.


12:30am: Sinners & Saints – “Since their formation in 2011, the band has shared the stage with the likes of Flogging Molly, Shovel and Rope, 500 Miles to Memphis, Bombadil and many others as they seek to spread their whiskey drinking, shit kickin’, sweet loving music to as many ears as they can find.”

11:30pm: Amigo – “’These guys are tuneful as hell, with a hint of twang here and there as well as no shortage of hi-nrg mojo. I think a friend of mine called ‘em ’10 feet tall and bulletproof,’ so who am I to argue with that, because their music speaks for itself.” —BLURT MAGAZINE on Amigo’s brand new 7″

10:45pm: Elonzo WesleyElonzo Wesley’s songs take form by sonically wiping away the accumulated dust in an old attic to stare longingly out the dormer window across empty fields.

9:45pm: Time Sawyer – “Time Sawyer is interested in “real people and real songs” and that’s just what the listener finds in their music – a sense of realness. Time Sawyer blends a grassroots feel with heartfelt lyrics to put on a high-energy, entertaining show.”

9pm: Keath Mead – “The 25 year old was born and raised in Columbia, SC and now lives in Charleston, SC. Outside the scope of his atmospheric, Beatles-inspired music, his main inspirations are authors; most notably, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and William Golding.”

The Station

Midnight: america is a mistake – Intelligent, political, emotional. america is a mistake quickly has become one of my favorite acts as they cleverly meld bedroom pop with garage impact.

11pm: Dollhands – Fresh-faced garage rock from Charlotte influenced by Ty Segall, Fidlar, Cloud Nothings and Diet Cig.

10:15pm: Naked Naps – Raleigh duo of crafted garage mixed with scholarly stature. Influenced by Ted Leo, The Thermals, and Mission of Burma.

9:30pm: The Halves – Rowdy and unfiltered garage rock that’ll make you want to tip over a vending machine and other small crimes.

Tickets for individual shows are $7. Pay full price for one show and only pay $5 for each show after that, for each night. Discount does not carry forward to the next night.

Petra’s (21+)

Snug Harbor (18+)

The Station (18+)

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