Sous Next? Jason Newman of Barrington’s

By Jennifer Brantley

October 4, 2015

Jason Newman is the sous behind the scenes at SouthPark’s Barrington’s. Newman found his calling early in a kitchen in Saratoga Springs, New York, eventually working his way to the Queen City. I had a chance to catch up with Jason recently and learned that not only can he cook but he is also a bit of a Taylor Swift fan. Here is what else he had to say:

Barrington's exterior

CLTure: How did you get your start in the kitchen?

Jason Newman: My start in the kitchen was in a deli in upstate New York while I was in college. My mom worked in a nice restaurant in Saratoga Springs. I worked a couple shifts there as well and liked it so I changed my major and went to culinary school. I’ve been cooking ever since.

CLTure: What is your favorite ingredient to work with?

JN: The strangest ingredient you have ever worked with?  A favorite ingredient is tough to narrow down but it’s usually whatever is freshest or in season. Really anything from a local farm is great to work with. The most unusual ingredient I’ve worked with would be one of three things; tongue, tripe or rattle snake. Nothing too crazy.

CLTure: Best and worst part of your job?

JN: The best part of my job is getting to cook pretty much whatever I like for specials and some of the menu items as well. The worst part would be trying to get everything done in the time frame allotted. The days go by really fast.

CLTure: What is your favorite music? Do you listen to it while cooking?

JN: My music choices while cooking may be a little weird for a guy chef in his thirties. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, anything eighties and classic alternative.

CLTure: Charlotte has a budding arts scene. What aspect of it do you enjoy the most, if any?

JN: I’m not a big arts scene guy but I do enjoy Twenty-Two in Plaza Midwood and Lark and Key Gallery in South End.

Jason Newman 1

CLTure: Any festivals or events in Charlotte you recommend?

JN: I’ve been to the Renaissance Festival with my wife the last three years and that’s always a good time; and the Greek fest too. I tend to like any festival that includes good food.

CLTure: One word to describe the food scene in Charlotte?

JN: Two – tough and under appreciated.

Barrington’s Restaurant

7822 Fairview Rd

Charlotte, NC 28226

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