Charlotte pastry chefs join forces for a vibrant dessert experience benefiting a great cause

 By Caroline Renfro (Photo: Remy Thurston)

January 22, 2018

noun: pressert; plural noun: presserts
1. The confectionary course eaten at the beginning of or without a meal.
“A pressert of chocolate mousse.”

Some rules are meant to be broken. Serving dessert at the end of a meal was once considered the height of etiquette. Guests left dinner parties satiated by the decadent final round and hosts got to brag of their skills (and riches!). While dining and entertaining are still very much intertwined, etiquette designed to show off class has mostly gone by the wayside. So why wait to indulge?

Jossie Perlmutter of Sweet Affairs and Project 658. Photo by Remy Thurston

Sugar Shock, a collaboration between Jossie Perlmutter of Sweet Affairs, Project 658, and some of Charlotte’s top pastry chefs makes dessert the main course. For $65 you’ll enjoy six creations from a star-studded lineup. Jossie originally came up with the concept after seeing a similar event in Boston and thought it would be a really great idea for the Charlotte community. Dining experiences have become all the rage but few allow for more than one dessert. Sugar Shock brings the sweet course to the forefront and allows multiple pastry chefs to showcase their skills. Project 658 hosts the event and proceeds benefit their culinary program and community feeding project.

In addition to the delectable menu guests can expect an atmosphere of positivity. Sugar Shock has raised $10,000 over the past two years. That’s four culinary program scholarships and about 1,500 meals served to the community. The event has gained steam since its debut in 2016 and devoted supporters snapped up tickets the day they went on sale (don’t worry, like dessert, there’s room for more!). The chefs love Sugar Shock, too. Though she didn’t set out to, Jossie notes that Sugar Shock has come to be “one of the only food events in Charlotte that’s predominantly women.” Jossie says all that girl power makes for a pretty zen experience: “We all look forward to the event because there’s a totally different vibe in the kitchen.”

Photo by Remy Thurston

Each dessert will be paired with a cocktail crafted by Soul Gastrolounge’s Kel Minton. To keep guests from being overwhelmed by sweet flavors Phillip Platoni of Southminster has created a menu of appetizers (there’s also a savory dessert in the mix!). The best part? With about ninety percent of proceeds going toward Project 658 the night of indulgence is practically guilt free.

Photo by Remy Thurston

Sugar Shock 2018 happens on Monday, January 29 at The 658 Center, 3646 Central Ave., Charlotte, 28205. The event runs from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. (light appetizers served from 6:30 – 7:00) and tickets are $65 each.

Check out the menu:

Passed Apps by Phillip Platoni, Southminster

Cocktail Pairings by Kel Minton, Soul Gastrolounge

1.) Roasted Blood Orange Roulade | Tart Cranberry Chantilly | Pecan-Honey Crumble | Grapefruit Preserves (Sam Allen, Wentworth & Fenn)

2.) Lemon Mascarpone Icebox Cake | Hazelnut Shortbread | Lemon Curd | Mascarpone Custard | Pomegranite Preserves | Candied Thyme (Justin Burke-Samson, Kindred & Hello Sailor)

3.) Almond | Hibiscus | Honey | Mint (Brigitte Oger, Craft Cakes CLT & Southminster)

4.) Goat Cheese | Spiced Muscadine | Rye Crisp | Mustard Greens (Alyssa Wilen Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen)

5.) Chocolate & Strawberries in Textures (Miranda Brown, The Asbury)

6.) Cocktail Inspired Mignardise | Bloody Mary | Amaretto Sour | Strawberry Margarita | Mojito | Dark Russian (Jossie Perlmutter & Gabija Vecci, Sweet Affairs & La Piccola Gabija)

Get more info from the facebook event page and purchase tickets here.

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