Synthetic Dreamers, an art exhibit preview

By Julia Simon

November 7, 2016

Goodyear Arts has a migratory history but, to artists Blaine Hurdle and Holly Keogh, it’s home. Founded in 2015 at the now-demolished Goodyear Tire shop uptown, the new Goodyear has grown up some: the gallery space is more conventional, large and well lit; there are visiting hours; an excellent coffee shop in a little alcove in the front lobby; a performance space booked months in advance– all the trappings of a community-focused art center are present and thriving. Hurdle and Keogh spend most of their time in a shared studio space (also home to talented Lee Herrera, who’s nearing mastery of the ball point pen, as well as sculptor Todd Stewart), Holly creating large-scale figurative works in bright oil paint, Blaine hunched over his anvil, linking chain and cutting silver and copper to create modernist art-influenced jewelry. On Friday, November 11, they mount their first collaborative art show, and it’s about time.

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Titled “Synthetic Dreamers,” the works in paint and metal speak partly to sentimentality and fond memories, and the distortions our minds lay so easily over favorite moments, records, and shows. Keogh works with family and found photographs, “glitching” forms to create psychedelic color fields and distortions. They’re striking even in small scale and this show includes her largest paintings to date. Hurdle uses forms we recognize readily from famous paintings and the Golden Age of design, miniaturizing and translating them into necklaces (his main focus), rings and earrings that are both dramatic and wearable. Hurdle’s new Singles Collection debuts more than 30 new pieces or, more accurately, “tributes” to key tracks from his carefully curated record collection. So, you might find a “Paint It Black” necklace meticulously cut out of blackened silver, or a profile of a mohawked Sheena with a ridiculously tiny nose ring, or that Bowie bolt, painted in neon pink and blue, dangling from a length of silver chain.

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Atmospherics and sculptural elements will round out the experience, but there’s more than just visuals to enjoy on November 11th. Premium Sound, an all-vinyl record pop-up shop, will be on site, and DJ ELON will be spinning select soul, funk and rock. Aesthetic plant-based bites will be available from Nourish and Masa Casa, who’ve planned a life-sized painting, in hummus, as tribute to the late, great David Bowie. Parking is free and so are libations, thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon and Sierra Nevada Brewing.

“Synthetic Dreamers” opens Friday, November 11th at Goodyear Arts. Opening hours: 7-11pm. Show runs until mid-December.

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