New Music: EP ‘Dirty Feelings’ by The Business People

By Shirley Griffith

January 22, 2016

On January 29, Charlotte four-piece The Business People will be releasing their much anticipated EP Dirty Feelings, a follow up to 2013’s That’s It. The five songs will be released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Bandcamp for your consumption.

The Business People have been cranking out solid rock’n’roll since 2010 garnering themselves a loyal fan base and acclaim from the Charlotte music scene. Dirty Feelings is a deconstructed look at the fleeting sweet moments of an early twenty-something’s life. The themes of the EP ricochet recklessly back and forth between the good times and the mourning after (see what I did there) in an honest search for love. The band members themselves describe it as “an album based on those dirty feelings everyone has in their 20’s; young love and taking chances.” It is a social commentary that gets tangled up against the all too well-known politics of the dating game.

‘Dirty Feelings’ album cover

Despite its name, Dirty Feelings doesn’t feel dirty or gritty at all. The EP is polished and accessible with catchy, energetic pop riffs and stays well-paced throughout the five songs. Sprawling, intricate guitars color in between the lyrical lines of distinctive vocalist Nicholas Robinson. What gives the majority of these songs their allure for me is the swagger of texture that peeks out amongst the songs. The Business People have numerous influences and aren’t afraid of showcasing familiar rock’n’roll elements with their own style. From space rock to punk to funk, the band is agile and considerate. Standout songs from the EP include the distraught, romantic hopefulness on opener “Cocaine Girl,” featuring call-and-response guitar riffs and an endearing suspended judgement. “Raygun” is a dizzying sampling of the magnitude that The Business People are truly capable of. The steady drums bleed straight into a warbling bass line and the speeds off with electric guitar work. You can feel the band merge at their finest points on this track. “Holy Hell” is a beautiful eruption of light, propelling the listener into the car to set off for the night, whatever it may hold. Spoiler alert, keep “Holy Hell” playing for a soft, watery exit outro.

The Business People celebrated their EP release with a show on January 29 at The Visulite featuring Charlotte bands Hectorina, Jaggermouth, and The Seduction. The release show served as a farewell to current bassist Hyatt Morrill and a welcoming back of a former bassist, Jack Schulte. The band adds, “Thanks to our Padres for just being dope for six years.”

Listen to the EP Dirty Feelings by The Business People.

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