The Neighbourhood captivates youthfully nostalgic crowd in Charlotte

 By Pooja Pasupula

June 20, 2018

The Neighbourhood, an indie rock band hailing from Newbury Park, California, came into notoriety with their hit single, “Sweater Weather” back in 2013. High from the success, they toiled away again and released their Wiped Out! album in 2015, which has been acclaimed by most loyal fans as their best album, although none of the tracks picked up with the masses the way “Sweater Weather” did. Disappointed and a bit taken aback by the seeming crash, the band spent the past few years working tirelessly on their latest self-titled album which released this past March.

The Neighbourhood thrust their Charlotte fan base on a journey through some of their best hits at The Fillmore on Monday night. Jesse Rutherford, the band’s lead singer, often displays an upbeat, unabashed and sometimes sassy exterior while performing, which works to help the band establish an inclusive and welcoming vibe with their audience.

Jesse Rutherford of The Neighbourhood. Photo: Pooja Pasupula

The Neighbourhood alternated between tracks from their catalog of albums. They kicked off the night with “Afraid,” “You Get Me So High,” and “24/7.”  This had the audience, consisting of many chatty boys and girls ranging primarily from high school age to early 20s, singing along. But the night really picked up when they started playing “Crybaby,” which set the venue ablaze with fans belting out the lyrics.

They continued with “Heaven” but, following this song, Rutherford paused the show to bring two fans onstage, one of which proposed to the other. After the heartfelt moment, the band succeeded to keep their audience energized by cranking out “Daddy Issues,” a well done rendition of “Void” and “Wiped Out!” which, to no surprise, induced the most enthusiasm of the evening.

Photo: Pooja Pasupula

The audience simmered to a hum and collectively swayed for “Prey,” but still managed to chant and coerce Rutherford into taking his shirt off. The Neighbourhood got the crowd’s energy back up with “Scary Love” off their latest album, and even more so with “R.I.P. 2 My Youth,” the hit single from Wiped Out!. At this point in the show, an audience member yelled out “Take your pants off too!” during a small break taken by the band to recoup, and inevitably the rest of the crowd attempted to persuade Rutherford once again into taking his pants off, who gave a tease, but ultimately to no avail.

The band finished the night with “Sweater Weather,” which had the crowd crooning in nostalgia, and “Stuck with Me” which garnered less enthusiasm. Nevertheless, the band still finished strong and the audience managed to sway along to the last song of the night. Rutherford wasn’t ready to say goodbye just yet, as he capped off the night hurling himself into the audience for a crowd surf following “Stuck With Me.”

Jesse Rutherford of The Neighbourhood. Photo: Pooja Pasupula

One could tell from the moment they played their first song that The Neighbourhood truly cares about connecting with their fans. Throughout the show, the band made many motions to ask how their audience was doing and Rutherford even stuck around to snap a few pictures with fans outside the venue after the show.

While The Neighbourhood chose a variety of hits spanning their entire discography, there was definitely an emphasis placed on on their latest latest album, and Wiped Out!. The Neighbourhood had many strengths in their performance. Their stage presence fostered a warm and intimate environment. Their setlist was diverse enough for them to stay enthusiastic, but familiar enough to keep their audience electrified for the most part. Their lighting wasn’t too harsh, and offered a plethora full of vibrant colors that blended together to create an aesthetically pleasing and artsy show. Throughout the show, Rutherford danced back and forth across the stage repetitively, which engaged the audience but visibly tired him out towards the end of the evening. This made The Neighbourhood’s performance a rewarding experience, and the band still worthwhile to see.

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