Tigerdog just wants to be Tigerdog forever

New music from Charlotte’s Tigerdog 

By Lane Claffee 

October 11, 2016

I’m [not] too cool to say that I want to art for a living. I do! I want to art for a living!” said Daniel C. Hodges, guitarist and vocalist for the local newborn indie rock three-piece Tigerdog. After quitting their full-time jobs in order to pursue music, the members of Tigerdog will be releasing their debut album in early December. Though Tigerdog is relatively new, each band member has previously played in multiple projects, both together and separate from each other.

Tigerdog’s debut album evokes the honesty of golden-era indie rock, reminiscent of Pavement, Built to Spill, and David Bazan of Pedro the Lion. “The attitude is, I sound the way I sound, I write pretty simply. I’m not an excellent shredder or super creative guitar player, and my voice is kind of small and sarcastic. I’m not apologizing, and I don’t think any of that really affects whether or not my band is awesome,” said Hodges. The band recently released an atmospheric performance video of their single “On the Moon,” though Hodges said the ambient nature of the performance isn’t indicative of the album’s recordings. Instead, the album will show their frill-less, emotionally honest roots.

David Z. Cox, Ryan Southwell and Daniel C. Hodges

As Hodges has ties to several music collectives in Charlotte, he has an insightful perspective of the diversity that the Charlotte scene has to offer. “You can go to one show and see four wildly different acts… different bands are full of people who know each other, and are very tightly knit. There is definitely something special about that.” One collective Hodges works with, spooky cozy, is a community particularly full of diverse art, with participant’s work spanning from visual art to rock ‘n’ roll. Notable members include hip-hop artist Sidenote, as well as local singer-songwriter JPH.  

When one gets to participate in such a vibrant, diverse scene, anyone passionate for the arts can relate to Tigerdog’s mutual statement: “We all just want to quit our lives and be Tigerdog forever.”

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New music, “Seriously” by Tigerdog. 

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