Vintage Trouble is so much more than a rock band from Los Angeles

By Drea Atkins

October 15, 2015

Vintage Trouble is so much more than a rock band from Los Angeles. Their signature modern soul sound breathes life into the rhythm and blues genre while their get up and go rock n’ roll riffs are like a defibrillator to your heart. Comprised of four unlikely band mates, they are a brotherhood of group mind success on how to kick ass and take names as a touring band. Conceived in 2010 in Angel City, California, also known as L.A., they assembled from varying backgrounds to fuse into a singular sound inspired by the music of iconic artists like Ike and Tina Turner, Prince and Chuck Berry. It wasn’t long before they were burning up legendary blues clubs in Los Angeles and caught superstar manager Doc McGhee’s ear. Pushing them to a lightning fast rise as a solid, touring band who would open for legends The Who, The Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz, Bon Jovi and most recently, AC/DC; Ty, Rick, Nalle, and Richard have been traveling the globe playing music for the masses for four years straight.

Photo by Drea Atkins

In that time, they have managed to record and release their debut album The Bomb Shelter Sessions, an acoustic departure The Swing House Sessions, and their newest sound baby 1 Hopeful Rd. celebrates their recent union with epic label Blue Note Records. Blistered hands and lion hearts, this powerful foursome delivers memorable performances that lift the spirit and recharge the batteries of the soul. On their newest LP, the opening track Run Like The RIver could be a perfect substitute for your morning coffee. One note from Nalle Colt’s Gretsch guitar is better than any alarm clock. Follow that with the steady fire of Richard Danielson’s drums and your blood begins to rise. Rick Barrio Dill’s funktastic bass line gets your feet on the floor, and Ty Taylor’s sizzle and scream will have you sprinting towards a more fulfilling destiny. Without exaggeration, the intentional construction of the music and lyrics inspires an energy to move you if you allow yourself to be moved.

Photo by Drea Atkins

A poet and wordsmith, Ty isn’t shy about spreading a message. Packing punches of honesty, vulnerability and sexuality into the vibe of rhythm and blues, like in “Another Man’s Words”, may seem standard until you witness it through the lens of a band who is so technically tight that they can transcend from playing music to weaving emotional states of bliss, empathy, gratitude, lust, connection, yearning, joy and unadulterated fun. When was the last time you went to a concert and felt a real connection with everyone in the room and not just the band? That is a unique experience of being truly present for a Vintage Trouble performance. Science has proven that when people sing together, their heart beats sync up. In effect, the breathing in and out together and making the same sounds and rhythms unites people and calms and lifts their spirits. Throughout a Vintage Trouble show, Ty gets the audience involved in singing together, doing the wave, and generally getting down with your bad selves. Every member of the band is totally invested in this process and encourages each audience member to be themselves, hop on and enjoy the ride.

There are a group of loyal fans and followers that the band lovingly calls Trouble Makers. These fine people come from every walk of life, who live in every corner of the planet, each have a story of how the band’s music or a particular song was a catalyst for something positive in their life. There is a commonality that makes audience members at their shows into instant friends and often these initial meetings turn into long relationships of support, camaraderie and mutual excitement about the latest song that the boys introduce. A welcoming atmosphere that is supercharged with a juke joint dance hall vibe awaits you with your admission.

Photo by Drea Atkins

And just as you have started to break a sweat from dancing, four men drop a slow jam or steady walking beat on the crowd, like Before The Tear Drops or My Heart Won’t Fall Again, and the lilt of bouncing hips and heads changes the energy of the room once more. While each member of Vintage Trouble is a star in their own right, it is the fluid ease of them checking in with one another to build the perfect song that continues to inspire audiences everywhere. You’ll never forget your first show with them. When you witness a Ty Taylor rock scream or perfect spin into a hinge, or his newest martial arts defying gravity kick you just might feel a little more invincible yourself. You have one chance this year to see them in North Carolina. Get yourself to Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC on October 21 and don’t be late. Your journal is about to get a brand new entry.

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