What you can expect at a Washed Out show

By Delaney Clifford 

July 10, 2017

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Portlandia, you’ve probably wondered to yourself who wrote that opening theme. Well, his name is Ernest Greene and goes by the moniker Washed Out, and he’s currently on tour. Washed Out has just released his third studio album, Mister Mellow and it is undoubtedly some of his best work yet. Known for his smooth distortion and pop-influence within electronic music, Washed Out has been making his mark on modern indie music since his first release in 2011, Within and Without. This record established his presence in the electronic music community and in the mainstream, rocketing him towards a path of success throughout multiple genres and sub-genres.

Album Cover for Mister Mellow

After his sophomore release Paracosm, he set his name in stone as a mainstay in house/electronic/dance music. Featuring even more experimental beats and samples, the record stayed within the boundaries set by the first release, but seemed to expand the music’s setting. The first record occurred as something that could only be appreciated by friends who kind of “get it,” but with Paracosm, anybody with ears will probably dig it. The same sentiment extends to Washed Out’s latest release, which fans can expect a lot of material from at his show. Falling in line with other artists in his genre, a dizzying light show is expected to accompany the music, and as usual, a vibrant crowd ready to move to the entrancing rhythm and hypnotic essence. 

Catch Washed Out in Charlotte at The Underground on July 10.

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