What the world needs now is rock and roll; Lucero is here to deliver.

By Daniel Coston

October 1, 2015

Over 11 albums and one live DVD, the band has sung about the highs and lows of life at full volume. The band’s mixture of rock and roll, country and soul reflects their Memphis roots and has honed that sound over the last 15 years by touring relentlessly. Whether the band is touring on their own, or with the likes of Ryan Bingham (with whom Lucero played the Visulite Theater last year), every show is a different experience. And one that leaves fans telling others about what they missed and hoping that their ears recover soon from listening to their favorite music at full volume.

Singer Ben Nichols tells stories of love, both found and lost or drinks and high living, also found and lost. Of salvation, redemption and damnation. Be it on earth, or different places. Of life in most extreme emotions and quietest moments. All in a jarring jumble of loud celebration and lements. Everything overloading, and all at once. Kind of like life, itself.

What the world needs now is rock and roll. Let Lucero begin the healing and God bless us, every one.

Catch Lucero Oct 4 at Neighborhood Theatre.

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