Carolina bands raise money for Southern Poverty Law Center ‘With Love’

 By Vanessa Martinez

November 10, 2017

Charlotte’s Refresh Records has recently released their fourth benefit release and first compilation, With Love, with all proceeds going to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The horrific events that took place this summer in Charlottesville, VA was witnessed by the country as a moment in history of racial rage, hate, and violence. It became a stimulus for the With Love compilation.

The album features unreleased music from NC and SC artists and bands including: Junior Astronomers, Cuzco, Hungry Girl, ET Anderson (ft. Grace Joyner & Matt Wentz), Dempsey, Catholics, Blame the Youth, Dollhands, Placeholder, Florida Man, Drunk Couples, Pictures of Vernon, Zack Mexico, Knowne Ghost, and Attalaya.

With Love: A Benefit for the SPLC

Founder of Refresh Records, Joshua Higgins said, “That week hit me pretty hard and I wanted to do something to help resist the hatred and make it clear where this label stands. We decided to support the SPLC due to their efforts in monitoring and fighting hate groups, which seem to be growing like weeds throughout the nation currently.”

Jake Thomas of NC band Placeholder says the events that took place in Charlottesville left him in “awe.” He explains, “The fact that people who are powered by the hatred of those who are different feel invincible. They feel invincible because the one who reserves the highest power in America will keep that very hatred safe. I have learned that we, as people, are standing in between. We are being pulled backward by those who hate while the rest of us are fighting to take a step forward. The people who run our country are sitting down with a rope tied around all of us, holding us back. I’m disgusted.” Placeholder is contributing “Afraid,” a track from their upcoming EP Synthetic Happiness, which releases December 1st.

Junior Astronomers photo by Nicki Rohloff

Junior Astronomers, another NC band is contributing the track “Reincarnation Blues.”

Vocalist Terrence Richard explains, “It’s about when you fall in love with something it’s like being born again. Learning how to walk and talk with this love. Learning how to cope with the lack of control you have over anything. Almost makes you feel childlike in the beginning phases of love.”

“The response by local artists has been overwhelming and I’m really excited that so many talented bands from both Carolinas joined us for this release,” said Higgins. “The name of the compilation is symbolic of the shared community message of love and equality.”

Refresh launched over two years ago with its first three releases serving as benefit records to support various organizations such as the Humane Society of Charlotte, VH1 Save the Music Foundation, and Halfway There Rescue. Higgins hopes to continue this communal tradition moving forward through the years.


1. Knowne Ghost – Naive
2. Junior Astronomers – Reincarnation Blues
3. ET Anderson – Happiness (ft. Grace Joyner, Matt Wentz)
4. Dempsey – Terra Cotta
5. Hungry Girl – Money in the Bank
6. Blame the Youth – P.O.T.K.
7. Attalaya – A Momentary Lapse of Muscular Coordination
8. Zack Mexico – Weird Reef
9. Cuzco – Sandcrabs Don’t Wear Cardigans
10. Pictures of Vernon – Radical Larry
11. Dollhands – The Greeter (B-side)
12. Florida Man – B52
13. Placeholder – Afraid
14. Drunk Couples – Florio
15. Catholics – Love Growls the Unfortunate Truth

Listen to With Love: A Benefit for the SPLC album and support the project here.

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