Women Rock Wednesdays: Carly Astrea (Astrea Corporation)

By Shirley Griffith Cover Photo by Ian Witlen

September 23, 2015

Miami’s Astrea Corporation has recently relocated to the Queen City, and I for one am so happy about having them around.

Astrea Corp’s music is artful, labeled under trip-hop and ambience, without being ostentatious, and that no doubt comes from the band’s absolute sincerity to their music. Their refreshing and unique style sets them apart musically, but their genuine spirit is what garnered my immediate respect.

Opening for Landless and Weyes Blood last Saturday at Snug Harbor, I was immediately drawn inside by the soulful, full-bodied voice of frontwoman Carly . Her voice is a deep red wine; sophisticated and sultry. Channeling the likes of Bjork or Massive Attack, Carly executes each blooming lyric like a child she is setting free into the world. When she sings, her entire body is working as her instrument, tuned-in on multiple levels, and at times she doubles over while lingering on a tipping note to fully express her passion.


It left me wondering whether it would cause her actual physical pain if she were unable to get out the powerful, romantic essence so engrained inside of her.

The dancing beats flew around her creating a circling atmosphere that I couldn’t help but get caught up in and enjoy every second of. Carly replicates the mellow, transcendent music around her with such inspiration, it’s hard to imagine that this music does not in fact biologically flow straight from her heart through her veins and out for the world to hear.

Not only is Carly stylish, bold and incredibly talented, she was also very grateful and sweet, which goes very far in any industry, and especially, from what I’ve seen, in the Charlotte music scene.

Astrea Corp’s next show will be on November 10, opening for Charlotte’s own Landless and Brooklyn, New York, bedroom pop queen, Eskimeaux, at The Station; the show is put on by The Oddboy Collective and Know Good Entertainment.

For anyone interested in keeping up with this incredible new addition to the Charlotte scene, feel free to follow their Facebook and Twitter page or their Soundcloud and Bandcamp for a full catalog of releases and merch.

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