Women Rock Wednesdays: Lindsey Horne of Sam the Lion

By Shirley Griffith Photo by Olive Design

October 7, 2015

Lindsey Horne: Vocalist/Pianist for Sam the Lion

Sam the Lion is a carefully crafted, ambient four-piece made up of remaining members of Sea of Cortez. Laying the Western inspired churning to rest, Sam the Lion has crept solemnly from the shadows to shine beauty in the most despairing corners of life. On the forefront of that inspiring beauty is vocalist/keyboardist Lindsey Horne. Horne’s uniquely flute-like voice whispers steadily in and out of bassist Chris Lonon’s deep, pooling notes, David Driscoll’s haunting guitar, and drummer Chris Walldorf’s reflective beats. Her voice is crisp and soft like falling snow that avalanches shivers straight through the listeners heart. Perched regally on her bench, Horne stays rigid and thoughtfully burns the lyrics into the room. Horne’s subtle keys and blended voice offer clarity to Sam the Lion’s frosty and unique twinge of heartbreak.


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