Apple offering Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X free for 90 days

By CLTure News

April 13, 2020

If you’re finding yourself growing restless with the limited amount of time outdoors and looking to advance your skills in video and music editing, this is your chance. Apple has made their video editing software Final Cut Pro X and music production suite Logic Pro X, free for 90 days. 

With musicians often looking to transition into video production and vice versa, this is a great time to learn and expand your skill set. While Final Cut Pro is normally sold for $299 and offers a 30-day free trial, this is a new offering for Logic Pro X which typically costs $199.

There hasn’t been an expiration date announced for the offers, but Apple has assured both programs will revert to a 30-day free trial once the promotion ends. You can take advantage of the 90-day free trials on the official sites for Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X.

Here are a couple helpful Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X tutorial videos for beginners.

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