Cam Newton shares a farewell message to Carolina Panthers fans with YouTube video

By CLTure News

June 29, 2020

Cam Newton has shared a final farewell video for his Carolina Panthers fans as several sources have confirmed he has signed a one-year deal with the New England Patriots. The video starts with a quote from the late rapper Nipsey Hussle as Newton proclaims, “In the famous words of Nipsey, the marathon continues.” He continues by saying, “I never once wanted to leave Carolina, don’t let them make you believe…it was their decision, I stuck with it, and I knew that, so I asked for a trade.”

The video then goes into some of Newton’s brightest moments with the franchise from the day he was drafted to his philanthropic work with his foundation set to the Boyz II Men classic, “It So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday.” The video concludes with a highlight reel of Newton’s epic summer rehab and workouts set to Kanye’s “Blood On The Leaves,” as he ends with the words, “I’m gonna keep this sh*t brief, I’m at your neck.”

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