Greg Cox returns with spellbinding new song featuring A$H, “All Alone”

 By Delaney Clifford

August 5, 2020

One of the most unique voices in North Carolina music is back again to show just how different the R&B sound can be. Greg Cox, the Charlotte singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer has released his first music of 2020, and it’s clear that his time away has done nothing but sharpen his edge for genuine soul music in the modern era.

Aptly titled during quarantine, “All Alone” is a collaborative single with R&B singer and Spelman College alumnus A$H, whose silk-smooth crooning complements the electric warmth of Cox’s soulful tone.

North Carolina’s Greg Cox returns with spellbinding new song featuring A$H, “All Alone.”

From the moment the song begins and Cox’s signature “Yuh!” rings out, the listener is carried away on a swell of strings that sucks reality out of the room, changing the mood to an otherworldly dreamland in the blink of an eye. Just as quickly as the strings arrive, they make a fleeting exit, replaced by Cox’s introduction and a modern synth and drum rhythm. This weaving of contemporary and classic influences continues throughout the track, and it’s what separates “All Alone” as a superior effort in the modern era of R&B and soul. However, it’s not nearly the most impressive interplay on the single. The real gem of Cox’s latest work is discovered in his choice to feature the burgeoning talent of A$H; a new name to many, but not for long.

This pairing may just be a heaven-made vocal match for Cox, never the one to shy away from collaborations with women singers across the board. A$H undoubtedly brings a special something to the table that previous joint efforts could not; her voice feels spellbound as she serenades with a soft and dreamy, yet powerful lilting– a talent that could (and does) easily stand alone. With their ability combined, Cox and A$H make for a duo to be reckoned with, a sign that this could possibly be the first of many duets to come.


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“All Alone” bursts with energy as the two singers come together in a crescendo of superb harmony, backed by the climax of strings, synth, and drums. Then suddenly, almost as if to leave the listener hanging, we are sucked out of the moment just as we’ve sunken our teeth into the unrivaled richness that marks Cox’s brand of music. Just like that, the dream is over and we find ourselves right where we departed– but one taste just isn’t enough. As soon as “All Alone” concludes, you find yourself wanting to hear it over and over again, a potent testament to Cox’s ability as a songwriter and performer. 


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Between his continued stylistic blend of the old and new with his unique vocal talent, Cox has more than established himself as a true gem of Charlotte music. If “All Alone” is any testimony to the future of his work, Cox may find himself amongst some of the greats in North Carolina. 

Listen to the new single “All Alone” by Greg Cox featuring A$H.

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