Hopesfall release new single and video for “Hall of the Sky”

By CLTure News

February 25, 2020

After a 11-year hiatus Charlotte post-hardcore band Hopesfall returned with their latest album, Arbiter, back in July of 2018The 10-track album was packed with fierce riffs and dazzling melodies blending the sounds of their past with a refreshed spirit. With a newfound energy now signed to indie punk label, Equal Vision Records, the group has released a new single and video titled, “Hall of the Sky,” with the help of an old friend.

Ryan Parrish, the original songwriter and guitarist for Hopesfall (when they started in 1998) has returned with the band to write “Hall of the Sky.” “After 18 years apart, it’s been wild to jump back into writing and recording with Hopesfall. We figured ‘go big or go home’– so here’s a 9-minute space odyssey for your listening pleasure,” he stated in an Instagram post.

The song harkens back to early memories of Parrish and guitarist Josh Brigham experimenting with loud guitar swells in a basement 20 years ago. “The last four minutes of this song [“Hall of the Sky”] remind me of that time in our lives– getting lost in the sound inside your mind and forgetting about the world, if only for a few minutes,” Parrish continued in the post.

Listen to “Hall of the Sky” by Hopesfall and watch the music video.

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