Charlotte rapper Lil Skritt releases strange toe-themed rap song

 By Patrick O’ Boyle

May 17, 2018

Charlotte rapper Lil Skritt has never shied away from talkin’ the dirty. His self-described “shock-rap” is usually heavy on the sex, celebrating personal preference in a way that’s hilariously crass, self-deprecating, and yet… positive all at once.

In his new video, Skritt goes further down the rabbit-hole. “I Don’t Suck Toes” is about, yep, the foot fetish and his ambivalence towards it. While rapping the song, Skritt and his collaborator Enyophase are laying down on what is likely “a dirty-ass flo’,” surrounded by real, wriggling feet. It’s a funny, smelly spin on a rap video cliche.

Lil Skritt

We cut to a background story of Skritt arriving somewhere for a daytime booty-call. He exits his truck, full of swag, ready for action in his vintage Hornet’s sweater and new wig. When the front door opens, we meet the object of homeboy’s desire: a lone, freestanding mannequin’s foot. The pair proceed to the bedroom. It only gets weirder from there.

Summing up the gist of the track, Skritt says, “Sucking toes is nasty, but to each his own.” Ian Pasquini shot and produced the video, and he deserves props for taking an admittedly “nasty” topic and totally running with it.

Watch “I Don’t Suck Toes” by Lil Skritt and Enyophase.

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