Lute releases first single “GED” from new album coming in 2020

By CLTure News

February 4, 2020

Charlotte’s Luther Nicholson aka Lute, has released the first single from his new album coming in 2020. The track, “GED (Gettin Every Dollar)” was teased with a savvy promo campaign asking fans to apply for a special Dreamville “GED” credit card in January. “Yeah it’s a real card, for some people it may be even more,” Lute said in a social media post.

Lute, who released West1996 pt. 2 on Dreamville Records on September 29, 2017, seems to be eager for the release of his new project this year, “I’m just happy to be able to show how hard me and my team been working over the years, and the fun we been having putting sh*t together. I really appreciate the love and support,” he followed in the post.

“GED (Gettin Every Dollar)” cover art

The song, “GED (Gettin Every Dollar),” has a soothing rhythm with a vintage vibration as Lute bellows his barrage of humbling street life lessons: “Cause money come and go, people come and go / The sooner you know that, the more that you’ll see / Blood ain’t no thicker than water to me / I count every dollar till my dogs bleed / She said I got Marvin Gaye vibes with the drip / If I don’t f*ck with the vibes, Imma dip,” he exclaims.

Lute was also recently included in the Grammy-nominated project Revenge of the Dreamers III, on the tracks “Sleep Deprived” and “Under the Sun,” which featured label head, J. Cole, and Charlotte’s own, DaBaby.

He released a video with some picturesque backdrops and cinematography directed by Neal Farmer. Listen to “GED (Gettin Every Dollar)” by Lute and watch the music video.

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