Odesza’s 90-minute live show spectacle is mesmerizing

 By Jared Allen

May 12, 2018

You can usually get an idea of how epic a show will by the way the band’s introduction toys with your emotions. That’s just the case with Odesza. An array of vibrant white strobes scan and pierce the audience following the live rendition of “Intro,” the opening song off the duo’s third album A Moment Apart. Odesza’s exceptional drumline enters to smoothly transition into “Bloom.” The bass begins to thump and the lights dash from red to blue to purple. The giant LED screen behind the two DJs showcases what appears to be a whale swimming through the sea. It’s visually appealing and it matches the euphoric feeling that emanates through the sold-out crowd, as they are plunged deep into electronic bliss with the Grammy-nominated duo.

Photo: Jared Allen

Odesza is unmatched in the visual department. From song to the song, the pair has the audience in the palm of their hand. The lighting is spectacular and the production plays a key role in the the 90-minute showcase. They’ve collaborated with an impressive group of indie artists since their debut EP in 2013. Their latest full-length contains a range of well produced songs featuring the likes of Leon Bridges, Regina Spektor, and Mansionair. A breath of fresh air in a market saturated by aimless feel-good EDM anthems.

The pulsing strobes direct the crowd like a puppet master. In songs like the fan-favorite “Say My Name,” the strobes dash from side to side and the energy follows suit and rises with the elevated production. In tracks such as “Across The Room,” the lighting slows down and before long the entire amphitheater has their phones raised in unison creating a majestic mood and scene.

Photo: Jared Allen

In it’s entirety, the show is an evolution from start to finish. While there’s hardly a single empty seat, in the beginning there’s room to walk through the aisles as fans either danced at their seats or in the crowded lawn section behind the soundboard. As the show progressed and Odesza unveiled songs such as “Memories That You Call,” “Higher Ground” and Line of Sight,” those invisible dividers keeping fans out of the aisles begin to blur.

Before long, their emotion overflows into the walkway and the entire venue transforms into an enormous dance party. Security guards even struggled to hold back their excitement with some getting involved in the party.

Odesza’s live show is mesmerizing. The organic sound and live instrumentation is unrivaled and the stigma that DJs only press buttons is quickly swept aside with this duo. There’s so much detail put into the design, that it’s clear that Odesza didn’t just throw together an extravagant lighting package and call it “good enough.” There’s method to the magic and in return, the music that already demands emotional feedback is amplified to another level. Odesza leaves you feeling connected to the music and causes you to realize just how precious it is to live in the moment, and a part of something bigger.

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