LA neo-soul quintet The Internet brought groovy vibes to Charlotte on Cyber Monday

 By Jared Allen 

November 27, 2018

What better way to celebrate Cyber Monday than with The Internet. No, not that internet. We’re of course referring to the soul quintet born from the branches of the boisterous LA hip-hop collective Odd Future. What began as a side project for lead vocalist Syd tha Kid has blossomed into a distinguished, Grammy nominated supergroup that’s evidently stamped its mark on Charlotte, despite visiting the Queen City for the first time on Monday.

Syd / The Internet. Photo: Jonathan Cooper 

The city showed out in bunches to witness Syd’s soulful, smooth voice alongside individual stars Matt Martians, Steve Lacy, Patrick Paige II and Christopher Smith. The near sold-out crowd welcomed The Internet with open arms when the five strolled out from behind the thick black curtain and through a colorful, cloudy haze. Syd proclaimed, “Let’s dance!” and the band opened with “Come Together” and “Roll ( Burbank Funk),” two tracks off their 2018 release Hive Mind, both of which garnered a roaring approval.

The Internet was groovy, mesmerizing and relaxing, and the visuals only elevated the performance. While an array of soft, vibrant strobes scanned the venue, entrancing videos projected on the backdrop sized screen that flanked the band. Syd hit the high notes with ease and the special chemistry between her and Lacy was felt.

Steve Lacy / The Internet. Photo: Jonathan Cooper

After the frontwoman serenaded the crowd through the first half of “Come Over,” the spotlight shined on Lacy as he confidently stepped atop the table that sat centerstage to take lead through his solo. Syd sat back while the audience oohed and aahed as Lacy flawlessly plucked each string of his black and white electric guitar.

While the 19-song set was almost all business for The Internet, both Syd and Martians did stop to banter with the audience as the night reached its climax. Before “Just Sayin,” Syd coaxed the crowd to participate and assist in adding some emotion to the song’s one-liner in the chorus, “You F*cked Up.”

With a playful tone, she went back and forth with her fans creating a sense of solidarity and loosening up the ansy crowd. The pit began to shake a dance a bit more and by the time The Internet reached their final three tracks, “Girl,” “Curse” and “Get Away,” and the spirit had flowed to the back of the room. Even those in the way, way back put their dancing shoes on for what ultimately proved to be the encore. But the Charlotte wouldn’t let The Internet log off.

Syd / The Internet. Photo: Jonathan Cooper

The crowd erupted into a long-standing ovation as the five-piece strutted back and forth across stage, waving goodbye to the crowd. It seemed like forever that The Internet basked in the applause, which only ended because security ushered fans out of the venue. Had they not, the city would’ve grooved with The Internet all night.

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