With splashy production and a trap-heavy set, Bad Bunny captivated fans in his return to Charlotte

By Cameron Lee

May 12, 2024

Photo: Wendy Hernadez / CLTure

Latin trap/reggaeton star, Bad Bunny, returned to Charlotte Friday night to Spectrum Center and put on a high-octane, crowd-pleasing performance. With a majority of the evening dedicated to his latest trap-heavy album, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana, he also reached back to many of his early hits with a set that spanned well over two hours. 

Bad Bunny returned to Charlotte Friday night, putting on a high-octane, crowd-pleasing performance at Spectrum Center. Photo: Wendy Hernandez / CLTure

With fans decked out in Western wear-meets-the-streets attire, concertgoers were greeted with cowboy boot-shaped devices on a lanyard upon entering, which synchronized with the show’s set list and production. Doors for the show opened at 7 p.m., giving attendees plenty of time to peruse the merch shop and pregame. No opening act preceded Bad Bunny on this tour, so the anticipation built with every scream and cheer in the audience until he finally emerged from the stage floor in a cloud of smoke at 9:21 p.m., wearing a black suit, fitted baseball cap, and a studded headscarf. 

Bad Bunny emerged from the stage floor in a cloud of smoke at 9:21 p.m. wearing a black suit, fitted baseball cap, and a studded headscarf. Wendy Hernandez / CLTure

Following a ravishing intro performance by Miami’s Philharmonic Orchestra Project– a 23-piece ensemble led by Grammy Award-winning conductor and composer Carlitos Lopez– Bad Bunny kicked off the evening with “Nadie Sabe.” With the orchestra and Benito on opposite sides of the two semicircle stages, the cowboy boot necklaces lit up the arena, as he performed several songs from his latest album in sequential order. The first act was highlighted by the massive single, “MONACO,” accompanied by the plush strings of the orchestra, and then the hard-hitting trap beats of “FINA,” which introduced a high-energy hip-hop dance troupe. The 30-year-old Latin superstar had the 17,000-plus fans in attendance hanging on to every word and beat drop.

The 30-year-old Latin superstar performed most of the trap-heavy tracks from his latest album, ‘Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana,’ throughout his 30-plus song set at Spectrum Center on Friday night. Photo: Wendy Hernandez / CLTure

The concert, which was split into four parts, saw Bad Bunny entering the opposite stage for the second act on a real-life horse, donning a mask and a bedazzled black fringed-out suit. Starting off with “TELEFONO NUEVO,” from Nadie Sabie, he treated fans to a medley of trap hits dating back to 2017. 

Bad Bunny performing in Charlotte Friday night for his ‘Most Wanted Tour’ at Spectrum Center. Photo: Wendy Hernandez / CLTure

On a floating catwalk stage for the third act, which rotated to reach all sides of the arena, he expressed his gratitude for his day one fans, also shouting out the Latin women in the audience. His short set atop the structure featured a visually captivating scene for “Thunder Y Lightning,” with blue and white lights, shooting smoke, and the blinking devices in the crowd, simulating a storm-like atmosphere. 

Split into four acts, Bad Bunny’s ‘Most Wanted Tour’ featured a rotating catwalk, heavy pyrotechnics, an illuminating light show, and an opening performance by the Philharmonic Orchestra Project. Photo: Wendy Hernandez / CLTure

To begin his final act, Bad Bunny slowed things down, showcasing his singing voice on top of a grand piano for 2017’s “Amorfoda” and his 2023 collab, “un x100to,” with regional Mexican band, Grupo Frontera. Treating fans to back-to-back songs from 2022’s record-breaking reggaeton-heavy album, Un Verano Sin Ti, with “Efecto” and “Me Porto Bonito,” he closed the evening with Jersey club track, “Where She Goes,” which featured a gaudy multicolored light show.

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