September Charlotte Local Music Picks

By Jonny Golian

September 2, 2022

As we enjoy the final month of summer, the weather will cool down, but the local concert calendar keeps cranking out shows at our favorite local music venues. A look at several must-see shows this month in Charlotte.


September 2 at Snug Harbor
Tickets: $10 plus

Beaming with upbeat energy, the six-piece funk band consisting of Zak Ferrell (bass), Sam Farnham (electric guitar), Patrick Buckley (drums), Charlie Lamprecht (tenor sax), Dan Hamalainen (trombone), and Tomi Gluden (organ), blends together psychedelic rock and a little soul. Akita’s most recent release, 2021’s After Party,  is sonically vibrant from start to finish, packed with party starters like the vocally suave “Side Street” and the funk of “Feels Right.” No matter what, they are sure to keep the audience moving all the way to last call.

King Cackle

September 3 at Snug Harbor
Tickets: $10 plus

A rock band consisting of founder Joe Nelson (vocals, guitar), Daniel Oleary (guitar), Aaron Rogers (drums), and Justin Bickley (bass), King Cackle stays true their unique brand of “dirty pirate blues.” Creating visions of the high seas with tracks like “86’d and Out” and “Trolltunga,” their latest track, “Pignose,” sees the band lean more into their southern rock n’ roll roots, paying homage to North Carolina’s barbecue heritage, according to their Bandcamp page. 


September 8 at The Milestone Club
Tickets: $12 plus 

IIOIOIOII is an atmospheric synth-pop outfit led by Christopher Gurney. Utilizing inspiration from genres like New Wave and Industrial, IIOIOIOII crafts arrangements that share constant synths with heavy beats, distorted melodies, and Gurney’s distinct vocals. Their latest releases, 2019’s Chroma and its sister album Chromatic, pay tribute to artists like Depeche Mode and HEALTH. With complex harmonies and messages, the music provides emotional undercurrents that often swing into upbeat radiant choruses. 

The Donner Deads

September 9 at The Evening Muse
Tickets: $10 plus

The Donner Deads are a six-member psychedelic rock outfit, featuring the talents of Deejay Paredi (guitar, vocals), Blaine Gaches (guitar, vocals), Zach Justice (lead guitar), AJ Cona (bass), Billy Greenwald (drums), and Dom Val (keys). From the easy listening tones of “All My Time” and the nostalgic fuzzed-out ‘60s-style rock of “Easy Chair” from their latest project, Nevermind The Experience Here Comes, the band gives nuance to each of their tracks, providing a steady groove to rock out to. 


September 10 at The Evening Muse
Tickets: $10 plus

A 20-year-old hip-hop artist, Aasher started off his career in the DC area before making his homebase Charlotte. In the acronymic tracks of his 2022 debut album, S.H.I.F.T., Aasher doubles up as a rapper and actor, using his conscious and erratic storytelling to make the music as mentally visible as it is audible. Following the themes laid out in S.H.I.F.T., in Aasher’s latest release, “Christ Child.,” he speaks with his future child, sharing regrets along with his vows to spare his child pain he had to live through, painting a vision of hope over tragedy.

Funeral Chic

September 14 at The Milestone
Tickets: $15 plus

Funeral Chic is a speed metal punk band fronted by Dustin Carpenter and Ryan Lockhart. Brutal and hard hitting in their delivery, Funeral Chic constantly explodes on all audible ends, whether it’s through drums, heavy guitar riffs, or the constant snarls lashed out alongside the lyrics. Funeral Chic’s newest album, 2022’s Roman Candle, is a headbanger’s dream with a whirlwind of noise and emphasis on sounding  as gritty as possible. 

Time Sawyer 

September 16 at Neighborhood Theatre
Tickets: $12 plus

Rambunctious at times and wistful in others, the alt-country folk group Time Sawyer consists of Sam Tayloe (guitar, vocals, harmonica), Houston Norris (vocals, banjo), Jordan Nelson (drums, cajon), and Court Wynter (bass, piano). Through storytelling and the rural soundscape of their instrumentals, Time Sawyer floats into genres like blues, soul and bluegrass, allowing the music to be as free flowing as possible. Their most recent project, 2019’s Mountain Howdy, showcases the band’s collective talents in the best ways with tracks like “I Wish I Could” and “Lonely’s a Heartbreaker’s Dream.” 

Don Telling’s Island Mysteries

September 13 at Petra’s
Tickets: $5.00

Five-piece collective Don Telling’s Island Mysteries consists of Scott Thompson, Ned Brownlow, Bo White, Davey Blackburn, and Tyler Baum. Harking back to a ‘60s island vibe, all listeners have to do is close their eyes and the band will bring to mind warm waters, beach bars, and the sweet scent of island air. The Island Mysteries’s 2018 self-titled album is filled with these relaxing notions and available for easy listening on multiple streaming services. 

Elonzo Wesley

September 16 at Camp North End
Tickets: Free

Elonzo Wesley is a folk/Americana outfit and the brainchild of singer-songwriter and guitarist Jeremy Davis. Taking inspiration from multiple aspects of his personal life and the wilds around us, Elonzo Wesley’s music takes on qualities of an introspective night under the stars, thoughtful and tranquil. The band’s latest single, “Golden,” allows Davis to reminisce over buoyant instrumentals and atmospheric backup vocals. 

Coughing Dove (Album Release) 

September 17 at Petra’s Bar
Tickets: $7.00

Coughing Dove is the alt-country solo project of Nicholas Holman, who also plays in local bands Pullover and Dreamboat. Paired alongside a gentle guitar and relaxed percussion, Holman offers time and depth in his vocal delivery, prompting audiences to take a closer listen to his lyrics and enjoy the crafted calm. This sentiment is on full display in his latest single, “Deep Thoughts,” where the pace is slowed and the lyrics are bare: “I’m not thinking about my ambitions / I’m not thinking about conditional forgiveness / I’m just taking a walk with my deep thoughts.” “Deep Thoughts” is the second single released from Coughing Dove’s forthcoming album, You & Me Lee, which is set to release on September 16. 

Family Video

September 22 at Snug Harbor
Tickets: $5 plus

Meshing indie rock and pop-punk characteristics with a synth-based core, the collective synth-rock band Family Video hits audiences with a sonic high and dance-inspired energy, led by Josh Shabtai’s knack for busting moves on stage. Family Video’s most recent album, Shades, keeps the energy flowing while exploring subjects close to home, like the band’s dislike of nostalgia in “The Image” and breaking down the hustle mentality in “Hyperdrive.”

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