Indie rock upstart Dreamboat release impressive debut single and video running rampant through Plaza Midwood

By Cameron Lee

June 24, 2022

Charlotte indie rock outfit, Dreamboat, is coming out of the gates with a focused ferocity in their debut release “Cover to Cover.” The angsty track has lead singer Sydney Nieboer running rampant through Plaza Midwood in the music video, directed and edited by Josh Rob Thomas. Both the song and video depict the rage of someone who channels their vitriol towards the innocent, essentially demonstrating the adage that “hurt people, hurt people.” It’s personal for Nieboer, who admittedly went through the experience after being in an abusive relationship. 

Sydney Nieboer of Charlotte indie rock band Dreamboat in new video for “Cover to Cover.”

“It ended up spilling into my friendships and eroding my relationships. That’s essentially what I wanted to convey in the video,” Nieboer said. “I’m taking out my rage on innocent bystanders that don’t deserve it. As you get older, you realize how destructive that behavior is and you find ways to channel that into something that’s more positive and constructive.” 

Lead guitarist Nic Pugh’s glittering guitar strokes set the stage for the near three-minute track, where he matches Neiboer’s cadence and tempo changes with adept proficiency. It sets the scene as Neiboer and Pugh strut through Plaza Midwood landmarks like Two Scoops Creamery, Seventh Sin Tattoo and Clutch on Central Avenue.

Nic Pugh and Nicholas Holman of Dreamboat

The video was shot in early June and also features several cameos from familiar Charlotte faces like Elijah Von Cramon and Brett Whittlesey of Paint Fumes, Grace Bradford, Colin Willard, Joe Boyland, and Brian Mitchell. Culminating with shots at the famous Metalmorphosis Fountain depicting Nieboer “drowning” in animosity, the video’s final scene ends with a high-energy performance at Petra’s with all of the band members. 

Sydney Nieboer of Dreamboat in new video for “Cover to Cover.”

“Cover to Cover” is the first release for the promising indie rock upstart that also features Caiti Mason (Pullover) on bass and Nicholas Holman (Coughing Dove) on drums. They’re leading up to their debut EP, scheduled to be released on August 26. It’ll coincide with a show at Snug Harbor joined by fellow Charlotte rockers Petrov and Raleigh’s Pie Face Girls.

It’s a thrilling introduction for the four-piece band. With such precision and acute messaging, accompanied by visuals seamlessly tying in the city, Dreamboat’s EP is definitely one to look out for this summer. 

Watch the new music video for “Cover to Cover” by Dreamboat directed by Josh Rob Thomas.

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