Indie-pop duo Future Friend continue to gain momentum with new EP release ‘Secret Handshake’

 By Shirley Griffith

July 3, 2019

In May, we premiered the debut single, “Get Well Soon,” from new sibling indie-pop duo, Future Friend. Since then, the track has quickly racked up over 140,000 streams on Spotify as the duo turned their hopes of finding future friends into a reality as they’ve been tapped to play more local shows. Now they are celebrating the release of their first EP, Secret Handshake, with a release show on Saturday at The Evening Muse. 

The brains behind Future Friend are Faith and Mitch Froemming who relocated from their bluegrass roots in Minnesota to Charlotte, where they now record and produce all of their songs in Mitch’s bedroom studio. They create fresh, bubbly sounds that encourage love, fun and friendship in their new southern abode. As newcomers in Charlotte’s burgeoning music scene, they express their admiration for fellow local artists as well, “Performing live in Charlotte has been so much fun! The music scene in the city is on the rise and we’re so excited to be a part of that. We’ve met so many incredible artists and producers and have really grown as musicians, “ said Faith. 

Ahead of the show, Future Friend shares their newest single which became the namesake for their Secret Handshake EP. “The track itself is great, but we felt that naming the EP after a symbol of friendship properly encapsulates the vibes of summer, love, and nostalgia the whole project was based around,” said Faith. 

‘Secret Handshake’ EP album art

The new single employs more attitude and empowerment than the shimmering “Get Well Soon,” with heavy, swept beats and eclectic instrumentation. Reminiscing on the dazzling, feel-good warmth of a summer day, the track heralds the innocent intimacy of something shared but sacred. Secret handshakes are often reserved in the mind like childhood forts, where the green of lifelong friendships learns how to bloom. Cherished bonds and specific memories interlace as synths burst beneath Faith’s radiant vocals.      

“The goal of the EP, as well as our release show, is to create a feel good, fun atmosphere where every single person can forget their worries and just dance all their stresses or hurts away,” Faith added. 

Faith and Mitch Froemming of Future Friend

Aside from the Secret Handshake EP, the duo has a forthcoming project in the works that promises “darker pop vibes and sounds.” 

Listen to the new track “Secret Handshake” by Future Friend. 

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