New Charlotte indie pop duo Future Friend wants you to “Get Well Soon”

 By Shirley Griffith

May 2, 2019

Future Friend is here to celebrate their bright sounds of support, togetherness and encouragement. The band, comprised of siblings Faith and Mitch Froemming, spent years making music together but were a bit too self-conscious to put any work into the world until recently. This year, they’re taking the jump after realizing “it’s not about perfection, it’s about connection.” They hold this mantra closely. So closely, in fact, that they named their band after their newfound goal: to make music, connect with people, and build an awesome community with their future friends.  

Mitch Froeming. Courtesy

Faith and Mitch originally hail from Minnesota where they grew up playing bluegrass in their family band and traveling throughout the Midwest. Their warm, up-tempo pop sound has come a long way since the rustic, country strings of bluegrass, but the beloved style still holds a familial and nostalgic influence over the siblings.

“Even when we played bluegrass, we always defaulted to a more progressive style inspired by bands like Nickel Creek,” said Faith. “We’ve always loved making unique sounding music, but also music that can make people dance. Mitch got really obsessed with beats and rhythm after listening to Matt Kearney’s album ‘Young Love’ and it avalanched from there.”

Artwork for Future Friends single “Get Well Soon.”

The siblings, who produce and write all their own music in a tiny bedroom, are hard at work writing and completing their debut EP, projected to be out in June.

Listen to the new single “Get Well Soon” by Future Friend and follow the band on Instagram where they share regular sneak peeks and updates on their current projects.

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