November Charlotte Local Music Concert Guide

By Jonny Golian

November 3, 2022

As we head into the season of giving, we continue our monthly guide to help you explore the many musical talents the city has to offer at our beloved independently owned music venues.


Thursday, November 3 at Petra’s Bar

Tickets: $7 plus 

Fronted by Jordan Hoban, the avant-folk group JPH (which stands for Jesus is the Path to Heaven) takes on peace of mind as a mantra in their art, crafting naturalistic melodies for listeners to gravitate into as a sort of meditation. JPH’s debut album, A Holy Hour, is a project that leans on the peculiar nature of its two near half-hour tracks. Each uses a central sonic layer that over the course slowly changes, making them artistic experiences as much as songs.

Hustle Souls

Friday, November 4 at Visulite Theatre

Tickets: $12 plus 

Melodic and wistful, Hustle Souls are a soulful rock outfit out of Asheville headed by Billy Litz (keys, vocals). Litz’s crooning takes over a room, backed by bandmates guitarist Chris Everett, bassist Sean McCann, and drummer Tommy Moore. Hustle Soul’s latest EP, 2022’s Walking Off The Plank, is likely to move listeners over the course of the four tracks, whether that’s swaying to the upbeat “Don’t Make Me Ask Again” or tapping their toes to the resignation-filled title track “Walking Off The Plank.”

My Blue Hope

Friday, November 4 at The Milestone 

Tickets: $10 plus

My Blue Hope is an alt-rock outfit fronted by Aaron Lawrence and backed by Josh Kogas on drums and Seth Kelles on bass. My Blue Hope’s debut album, Farewell Constance, targets the bitter end of a relationship with a mixture of anguish and raw emotion. The album gives previously released songs “Night Thoughts” and “By Inches” more context as they connect with the album’s overarching narrative. 


Saturday, November 5 at The Evening Muse

Tickets: $12 plus 

Fronted by Slade Baird on guitar with Adam Phillips on drums, Molly Poe on keys, and Thomas Alverson on bass, the quartet produces a genuine warmth, allowing listeners to easily connect with their sound. Amigo’s 2018 album, And Friends, adds a mixture of Americana-tinged rock with a little country. The collection feels intimate and fun, like a hangout session with loved ones.

Siege Hardee

Saturday, November 5 at Petra’s 

Tickets: $7 plus 

Siege Hardee is the solo project of C.J. Hardee, formerly of Charlotte’s indie folk/rock outfits Matrimony and Bassh. Rife with energetic beats, Hardee’s sound combines his expressive vocals and lyricism over uplifting instrumentation. Hardee’s latest single, 2022’s “Orion (Corner),” reaches out to the stars in this love-lorn offering filled with spacious instrumentals and reggae-like grooves. Before his first headlining show at Petra’s, Hardee will also be dropping his new single, “Come Awake,” from his forthcoming debut album.

Wine Pride

November 6 at Spoke Easy

Tickets: $10 plus 

Joining The Spoke Easy’s Indie Night in November, Wine Pride shares the stage with fellow Charlotte bands Cactus Day Job and Blankstate for a Sunday night show. Fronted by Aaron Felger (vocals, bass), the dream-pop band, backed by Ty and Jack Kozlowski on guitar and Dylan Robbins on drums, evokes serenity in their shoegaze stylings. Wine Pride’s latest single, “Sleep,” echoes from a distance, while the instrumentals embody a soothing exuberance, connecting with listeners through the hazy sonic soundtrack.

Curt Keyz 

Friday, November 11 at The Evening Muse

Tickets: $15 plus

When it comes to approaching art as you are, R&B musician Curt Keyz has made authenticity his motto. Coming from a church background in his native town of Great Falls, South Carolina and starting as drummer before moving to piano at 17 years old, Keyz fell in love with the sound and process. It’s pushed him to become the triple threat he is now as a recording artist, producer, and singer-songwriter. His sophomore album, CURT(IS), is a largely vulnerable undertaking, bringing his family into the project, along with friends of the music community like Elevator Jay and Dexter Jordan. Keyz speaks to themes close to him, whether that be the resilience of his ancestors or his personal trappings and desires. 

The Fill Ins

November 12 at The Milestone

Tickets: $8 plus 

In the spirit of ‘70s and ‘80s rock, The Fill Ins are a high-energy group ready to make their return to the stage after a brief respite for much of 2022. Led by Alex Stiff (guitar, vocals) alongside James “Captain” Nunn (guitar, bass) and D.J. Buchanan, the crew thrives off of their powerhouse performances to wow audiences. In their latest single, “Sugar Coated Cyanide,” the lyrics are lined with modern dating woes alongside classic American rock. 

Swim In The Wild

November 12 at Neighborhood Theatre

Tickets: $10 plus 

Swim in the Wild is an alternative group that leans on the forested surroundings outside Charlotte for inspiration. Fusing together rock, folk, and Americana into one music collective, the group features multi-instrumentalists Steven and Michael Hall, Gersh Godwin (bass), Liam Pendergrass (guitar), Josh Thompson (keys), and Sean Kelly (trumpet, percussion). Swim in the Wild’s newest single, “Time Girl,” shares a carefree message about love, filled with catchy hooks that will leave listeners singing well after the track ends. Their new album, Two If By Sea, is scheduled to be released the day of the show.

Mercury Dimes

November 18 at Petra’s 

Tickets: $7 plus 

Mercury Dimes is an art-punk band out of Albemarle fronted by Laura Staples on guitar with Nathan Curlee on drums and Wesley Mauldin on bass. The band translates Staples’ lyrics, a collection of her personal views and experiences, unleashing varied reflections in a torrent of sound. In their debut album, Broken Down Everything, the band pushes to translate the intangible feeling of being worn, utilizing each song to cover a particular problem or feeling.


November 19 at Petra’s 

Tickets: $7 plus 

gogoPilot is an alt-rock outfit formed from the imagination of Jeffery Williams (vocals, guitar) with founding member Chris Ravenscroft (guitar), and backed by Tom Stanfel (drums), Matt Mangum (bass), and Reeves Combs (piano, harmonies). The band takes on influences from bands like Radiohead and Sonic Youth, balancing lyrical messaging with mellow instrumentals, often playing meditative rock melodies and occasionally cranking up the crashes on each instrument. gogoPilot’s Descend To Great (2022), examines the state of the world over candid lyrics and melancholic grooves.

Flame Tides

November 19 at Petra’s

Tickets: $7 plus

Flame Tides is a Queen City-based project by Hayley Moran and “Rocketman” McNeely. Rocketman riffs heavily on guitar, utilizing a talk box to create a unique sound in tandem with Moran breaking down each track on drums. The Flame Tides’s 2019 album, Thunder Love, is carried by the duo’s heavy melodic freewheeling through each track.

Seneca Burns

November 25 at The Milestone Club

Tickets: $5 plus

New to Carolina venues as of this year, Seneca Burns is the pop-punk dream of the early aughts. Led by Atticus Lane (guitar, vocals)– an artist who’s blurred the lines between rock and hip-hop over his music career– the band’s sped-up momentum and heavy beats send audiences into an uproar. Seneca Burn’s first mini-EP, Do You Know How Bright You Burn?, plays upon the self-aware visions in Atticus’s songwriting, depicting possible missteps in his past and a fiery determination to push through, as heard in “It’s Not the End”: “I’m through wasting time / yours and mine / I’m breaking up with who I used to be.”

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