North Carolina’s Sangstaa releases new song “Dramatic” featuring fallen artist and friend, Cloudy Nueve

  By Jose Mujica

January 16, 2021

Photo: @Shotbybnds

Singer and rapper Sangstaa has gotten the year off to a good start with his latest single, “Dramatic,” featuring the late Cloudy Nueve. The track follows Sangstaa’s latest project, Sorry.., which was released back in October. 

The dreamy uptempo production, courtesy of Baby Winsch and Dinuzzo, paired with Cloudy Nueve’s charismatic chorus strike an uplifting tone that serves more as a celebration of Cloudy’s life and talent than a mournful remembrance. The bubbly melody builds alongside Cloudy’s crooning as he glides into an infectious hook. According to Sangstaa, Cloudy freestyled the hook on the spot, without writing anything down. Pressured to keep up with him, Sangstaa recorded his verse too, enabling the duo to finish the song in less than 45 minutes.

Sangstaa and Cloudy Nueve. Photo: @ksapphoto

The quick turnaround time may be deceiving for the polished track. With how quickly Cloudy delivered, the parallel to his passing and the loss of such a talent only makes itself more poignant. That’s what Sangstaa had in mind: to spread Cloudy’s legacy in Raleigh and everywhere Cloudy’s music was heard.

Keeping in line with what has always inspired and fueled his music, Sangstaa transforms his grief and sorrow into his songs. “Dramatic” accomplishes just that, in a catchy dedication to his fallen comrade that seems every bit as joyful and upbeat as he would’ve liked to be remembered. With a promising start to the year, it’d be worth paying attention to what else Sangstaa has in store.

Watch the music video for “Dramatic” by Sangstaa featuring Cloudy Nueve, shot and directed by Kevin Smith (@KosmicShots).

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