Alfred Sergel IV releases a deeply emotional new song “The Falling Out” featuring Martin Bejerano and Tim Lefebvre

 By Cameron Lee

September 18, 2020

Charlotte-based drummer and composer Alfred Sergel has released a sweeping musical composition titled “The Falling Out.” The song features accomplished jazz pianist Martin Bejerano, who has worked alongside Grammy Award-winning drummer Roy Haynes, and Tim Lefebvre, who’s best known for his work with the late David Bowie. 

“The Falling Out” is a five-minute track that has a cinematic texture exploring the many moods of a deeply personal relationship. As Sergel describes it: “When I started writing this song, my perspective was filtered by the heartache. I used my creative mind to plan my escape.” The song starts with virtuous piano keys by Bejerano before Sergel adds a hypnotic harmony with the help of Kellie Solis and Sergel’s daughter, Abbie. As the song transitions, Sergel sings “I’m falling out, I’m falling out of love with you,” and the drums frantically culminate into a whirlwind of alluring piano capturing the emotional waves of a romance. 

Alfred Sergel IV

Mixing a loose jazz spirit with the drums and bass guitar, the track fuses pop sensibilities as the song escalates and then decompresses in an emotional journey.

“To discover love again sometimes you have to fall out of love and let go. For me, that was the only way I could step out and step into a clearer view,” said Sergel. 

Following up on Sergel’s latest single “Brother John” and his 2019 EP Sleepless Journey, “The Falling Out” is an ambitious track that succeeds at expressing a sonic story about the pitfalls and ever-evolving emotional nature of relationships. 

Listen to “The Falling Out” by Alfred Sergel IV.

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