Charlotte Fall Concert Guide: Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Indie, Folk, Metal, Country, and more

By CLTure

October 10, 2023 (updated weekly)

October 16 – Rawayana at The Underground (Reggae/Salsa)

October 16 – Curse Mackey at Snug Harbor (Darkwave)

October 16 – Nick Shoulders at Neighborhood Theatre (Country)

October 16 – Cronies, Blankstate., Swae, and Momophobia at The Milestone (Indie Rock)

October 17 – Band of Horses at The Fillmore (Rock)

October 17 – Gus Dapperton at Neighborhood Theatre (Pop)

October 18 – Off With Their Heads, Dead Bars, and Busy Weather at The Milestone (Punk/Rock)

October 18 – Lawn Friends, Lisa De Novo Band, Carolina Vibes, and Late Night Special at Visulite

October 18 – Val Merza, Curt Keyz, and Colby Dobbs at Pianodrome

October 18 – Son Rompe Pera at Snug Harbor at Snug Harbor (Cumbia/Punk)

October 18 – Clem Snide at The Evening Muse (Alternative Country/Folk)

October 18 – Garrett Huffman, Barrett Davis, Kevin Holdson, Drew Nathan, and Caroline Keller Band at Free Range Brewing

October 18 – Del Water Gap at The Underground (Indie Rock/Pop)

October 18 – Reneé Rapp at The Fillmore (Pop)

October 18 – Jason Scavone, Dane Page, Of Good Nature, and Jay D. Jones at Neighborhood Theatre

October 18 – Soelle, Tiffany J, Tamra Simone, and Arsena at Stage Door Theater

October 19 – Mercury Carter, Tre. Charles, Vadim Kolpakov, and Maritzaida at Stage Door Theater

October 19 – Harvey Cummings Project and Emmanuel Wynter at Middle C Jazz (Jazz/R&B)

October 19 – Gone Gone Beyond at Neighborhood Theatre (Indie Folk)

October 19 – The Bones of J.R. Jones at The Evening Muse (Folk)

October 19 – Jooselord, Mason Parker, Royal City Lif, Lord Jah Monte Ogbon, Tukool Tiff, and Tiffani D at Snug Harbor (Hip-Hop)

October 19 – Natalie Carr, Sorry Peach, Nathan Kam, and Lynsea at Petra’s

October 19 – Sycamore Bones, Featherpocket, Aaron Chance Wilson, and Nathan C. Davis at Visulite

October 20 – CloZee at The Fillmore (Electronic)

October 20 – Griffin William Sherry (The Ghost of Paul Revere) + Tall Tall Trees at The Evening Muse (Folk)

October 20 – The 1975 at Spectrum Center (Rock/Pop)

October 20 – Camping in Alaska, Michael Cera Palin, Petrov, Careful Gaze, and Moving Boxes at The Milestone

October 20 – Bully, Maggie Rose, Ancient Cities, Cuzco, and Alright at Neighborhood Theatre (Rock)

October 20 – Mom Rock, Cassettiquette, and Phantom Friends at Petra’s (Indie Rock)

October 20 – David Taylor & The Tallboys and Fo Daniels at The Evening Muse (Alternative Country/Rock)

October 20 – Ternion Sound and The Widdler at Blackbox Theater (EDM)

October 21 – Curiosidades de Bombrile, David Childers and the Serpents, and Brut Beat at Dish

October 21 – Anders Osborne and Akita at Neighborhood Theatre (Americana/Funk)

October 21 – ZETA, The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir, and Mindvac at Snug Harbor (Post-rock/hardcore)

October 21 – Curt Keyz and Taylor Kelly at The Evening Muse (R&B/Soul)

October 21 – Leisure McCorkle at Goldie’s (Rock)

October 21 – Spilly Cave at Barefoot Modern at The Evening Muse (Alternative/Indie Rock)

October 21 – Wiltwither, Johnny Booth, Harm, Phase Gawd, Circuit Circuit, Parris Bridge, at Den of Wolves at The Milestone

October 21 – Veronica Swift at Middle C Jazz (Jazz)

October 21 – Bob Fleming & Cambria Iron Co. at Petra’s (Alt-Country/Southern Rock)

October 21 – Maluma at Spectrum Center (Reggaeton/Rap)

October 22 – Café Tacvba at The Fillmore (Latin Rock)

October 22 – Chappell Roan at The Underground (Pop)

October 22 – Leftover Salmon at Neighborhood Theatre (Jam/Rock)

October 22 – Symphony in Peril, Violent Life Violent Death, Circle Back, Godseyes, Brass Tongue, Abyssal Frost, and Backslide at The Milestone

October 23 – John Mayer with JP Saxe at Spectrum Center (Rock/Pop)

October 24 – Noname at The Underground (Rap)

October 24 – George Thorogood and the Destroyers at Knight Theater (Blues Rock)

October 24 – Bob Log III, King Cackle, and Ryan Lockhart at The Milestone (Rock)

October 25 – Polaris at The Fillmore (Metal)

October 25 – S.G. Goodman and She Returns to War at Neighborhood Theatre (Indie Rock/Folk)

October 25 – Margo Cilker and Humbird at The Evening Muse (Country/Folk)

October 25 – Grocer, Flannelmouth, and Drook at Snug Harbor (Alternative Rock)

October 25 – Yussef Days at Neighborhood Theatre (Jazz/Funk/Soul)

October 26 – DD Osama at The Underground (Rap)

October 26 – Lettuce at The Fillmore (Funk)

October 26 – Jason Eady at The Evening Muse (Country)

October 26 – Tania Elizabeth and Rachel Davis at Neighborhood Theatre (Folk/Roots)

October 26 – Clarity Eley, The Bleus, and Tecoby Hines at Petra’s (R&B/Hip-Hop)

October 26 – The Grass is Dead and Josh Daniel at Visulite Theatre (Bluegrass/Jam)

October 27 – The Brook & The Bluff at The Underground (Rock)

October 27 – Happy Landing and Low Groves (Indie Folk)

October 27 – Tyler Ramsey at Neighborhood Theatre (Folk)

October 27 – Telepathetics and Blaakhol at Snug Harbor

October 27 – Genesis Owusu and Enumclaw at Visulite Theatre (Hip-Hop/Alternative)

October 27 – Erin Viancourt at The Evening Muse (Country)

October 27 – QUAD, Glad Rags, and Mauve Angels at Petra’s (Indie Rock)

October 28 – Nicotine Dolls at Neighborhood Theatre (Rock)

October 28 – Joe Firstman and Cordovas at The Evening Muse (Americana/Rock)

October 28 – Erin & The Wildfire with Courtney Lynn & Quinn at The Evening Muse (Indie Pop/Country/Soul)

October 28 – Meltt, Whistler, and Kismet Kind at Petra’s (Indie Rock)

October 28 – Noah Reid at The Underground (Pop)

October 28-29 – Romeo Santos at Spectrum Center (Latin Pop)

October 29 – Les Claypool at The Fillmore (Rock)

October 29 – True Lilith, Free Friends, and Danvers at The Milestone (Rock/Pop-Punk)

October 29 – Kitchen Dwellers and Fireside Collective at Visulite Theatre (Bluegrass/Rock)

October 30 – Free Throw at The Underground (Emo Rock)

October 30 – Twin Tribes and Bootblacks at Snug Harbor (Darkwave/Post-Punk)

October 30 – Lucero + Jason Poland & The Stragglers (Alternative Country)

October 31 – Jeremy Zucker at The Fillmore (Pop)

October 31 – Lofidels, Pleasure House, and La Brava at Snug Harbor (Indie/Rock/Synth)

October 31 – Dollar Signs (Album Release) at The Evening Muse (Punk Rock)

November 1 – Dirty Honey at The Underground (Rock)

November 1 – Grace Weber, Autumn Rainwater, and Emily Sage at Snug Harbor (R&B/Neo-Soul)

November 2 – Lil Skies at The Underground (Rap)

November 2 – Brent Cobb at Neighborhood Theatre (Country/Rock)

November 2 – Cinema Stare, This Can’t Be Real, and Homophobia at The Milestone (Pop-Punk)

November 2 – Kenny George Band at The Evening Muse (Southern Rock/Country)

November 2 – MercyMe, TobyMac, and Zach Williams at Spectrum Center (Christian)

November 2 – Tyler Millard and Jason Scavone at Amos’ Southend (Rock)

November 3 – Fake Eyes, Rex Tycoon, Beauty, and Subvertigo at The Milestone (Shoegaze/Indie Rock)

November 3 – CoCo Jones at The Underground (R&B)

November 3 – Vince Herman and Airshow at Neighborhood Theatre (Bluegrass/Jam)

November 3 – Kid Pastel and Caroline Romano at The Evening Muse (Alternative Rock/Pop)

November 3 – The Elovaters, Shwayze, and Surfer Girl at Visulite Theatre (Reggae/Ska/Rap)

November 3 – Kansas at Ovens Auditorium (Rock)

November 4 – Jessie Murph at The Fillmore (Pop)

November 3 – Aasher and Eastside Brotha at The Evening Muse (Rap)

November 4 – Kim Waters at Stage Door Theater (Jazz)

November 4 – Yahritza y Su Esencia at The Underground (Latin)

November 4 – Gaelic Storm at Neighborhood Theatre (Celtic Rock)

November 4 – Niko Moon at Coyote Joe’s (Country/Pop)

November 4 – Joji with special guest Kenny Beats at Spectrum Center (Rap/Pop) *Giveaway*

November 4 – Teddy Bear Orchestra and 2 Slices at Snug Harbor (Pop/Indie)

November 4 – Kenzie Katlyn, Good Deal, and Zachary King at Petra’s (Indie Pop/Rock)

November 4 – Tyler Halverson at The Evening Muse (Country)

November 4 – Sin Bandera at Ovens Auditorium (Latin Pop)

November 5 – Shakey Graves at Neighborhood Theatre (Indie Folk)

November 5 – John R. Miller and FERD at Visulite Theatre (Country/Folk)

November 5 – Brubeck Brothers Quartet at Middle C Jazz (Jazz)

November 6 – ARIZONA at The Underground (Rock)

November 6 – Purple Kiss at Blackbox Theater (K-Pop)

November 7 – Brakence at The Underground (Pop)

November 7 – The Eagles and Steely Dan at Spectrum Center (Rock)

November 7 – Bit Brigade at Neighborhood Theatre (Video Game Rock)

November 7 – Brit Floyd: 50 Years of Dark Side at Ovens Auditorium (Progressive Rock)

November 8 – Flo Milli at The Fillmore (Rap)

November 8 – John Mark McMillan at Neighborhood Theatre (Rock)

November 8 – GZA and Fishbone at The Underground (Rap/Ska)

November 9 – Iration at The Fillmore (Reggae)

November 9 – Dope Lemon at The Underground (Rock)

November 9 – Solemn Shapes at Snug Harbor (Dark Synth)

November 9 – Wyatt Flores at Neighborhood Theatre (Country)

November 9 – Alexa Jenson, Leon Rosen, and Cigarettes at Sunset at Petra’s (Pop/Rock)

November 9 – ATLIENS at Trio Charlotte (EDM)

November 9 – OV7 at Ovens Auditorium (Latin Pop)

November 10 – Doobie at The Underground (Rap)

November 10 – Jack Kays at The Evening Muse (Country)

November 10 – Unwed Sailor, Ego Death Machine, and Tongues of Fire at Petra’s (Post-Rock/Post-Punk)

November 10 – Jonathan Butler at Middle C Jazz (Jazz Fusion)

November 10 – Gipsy Kings at Ovens Auditorium (Flamenco)

November 11 – Rubblebucket at Neighborhood Theatre

November 11 – G Jones at The Fillmore (Electronic)

November 11 – Walter Trout at Neighborhood Theatre (Blues)

November 11 – Wild Love and Swansgate at The Evening Muse (Indie Rock/Pop)

November 11 – Larry Keel Experience and Steve McMurry at Visulite Theatre (Bluegrass)

November 11 – Brian Simpson at Middle C Jazz (Jazz)

November 12 – Adeem the Artist and The Sea The Sea at The Evening Muse (Country/Indie Folk)

November 12 – P!NK at Spectrum Center (Pop)

November 13 – Sexyy Red at The Fillmore (Rap)

November 13 – Trouble Minds, Blood Root, Blankstate., and Nervous Surface at The Milestone

November 14 – NIGHTLY at The Underground (Rock)

November 14 – Wolds Worst, Bedridden, Late Bloomer, and Shrine at The Milestone (Indie Rock)

November 15 – Ghost Funk Orchestra and Afrobeta at Snug Harbor (Psychedelic Soul)

November 15 – Rod Wave, Ari Lennox, and Toosii at Spectrum Center (Rap/R&B) *Giveaway*

November 15 – Jake Owen, Brett Young, Jackson Dean, and Russell Dickerson at Coyote Joe’s

November 15 – Alana Springsteen at The Evening Muse (Country Pop)

November 15 – Ryan Montbleau Band at Visulite Theatre (Folk/Blues)

November 16 – LSDREAM at The Fillmore (Electronic)

November 16 – Brian Culbertson at Knight Theater (Jazz)

November 16 – Arin Ray at The Underground (R&B)

November 17 – Myke Towers at Ovens Auditorium (Latin Trap/Reggaeton)

November 17 – Siege Hardee, Matthew Paul Butler, and Phill Reynolds at Petra’s (Indie Folk/Rock)

November 17 – Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness and Michigander at The Fillmore (Rock/Pop)

November 17 – Alexandra Kay at The Underground (Country)

November 17 – Husbands at Neighborhood Theatre (Indie Rock)

November 17 – Emanuel Wynter and Council Ring at Camp North End

November 17 – Luna Luna and Ernest Rareberrg at Snug Harbor (Indie Pop)

November 17 – William Hinson (Album Release) at The Evening Muse (Indie Pop/Rock)

November 17-18 – Bria Skonberg Quartet at Stage Door Theater (Jazz)

November 18 – DannyLux at The Underground (Regional Mexican)

November 18 – Donnie Doolittle, Old Heavy Hands, and Tab One at Snug Harbor

November 18 – Groove 8 at The Evening Muse (Jazz/Funk)

November 18 – Grace Potter and Eddie 9V at The Fillmore (Rock)

November 18 – Paul Taylor at Middle C Jazz (Jazz)

November 18 – Crenshaw Pentecostal, The Gone Ghosts, and Vess at Petra’s (Southern Rock/Country)

November 19 – John Splithoff at Middle C Jazz (Pop)

November 19 – Apashe at Blackbox Theater (EDM)

November 19 – 6LACK, Quin, and Jordan Ward at The Fillmore (R&B/Hip-Hop)

November 21 – Hot Mulligan at The Fillmore (Rock)

November 22 – Pretty Baby and Monsoon at Snug Harbor (Punk/Art Rock)

November 22 – Darren Criss at Knight Theater (Pop/Soul)

November 24 – The North Carolina Waltz – Josh Daniel & Friends at Visulite Theatre (Tribute to The Band)

November 24 – Robyn Springer and Ziad Rabie at Middle C Jazz (Jazz)

November 25 – Yussef Days at Neighborhood Theatre (Jazz/Funk/Soul)

November 24-25 – Charlotte Symphony Presents: Elf in Concert

November 25 – Alan Charmer, 2 Slices, and Top Achiever at Petra’s

November 25 – Braxton Bateman and Aarik Duncan (NiiTO) at The Evening Muse

November 26 – Doja Cat and Ice Spice at Spectrum Center (Rap)

November 26 – Martina McBride Christmas Tour at Ovens Auditorium (Country)

November 28 – Scene Queen at The Underground (Rock)

November 29 – Buffalo Nichols at Snug Harbor (Blues)

November 29 – Patrick Droney and Cecilia Castleman at Visulite Theatre (Indie Pop)

November 30 – Morgan Evans at The Underground (Country)

November 30 – BOOGIE T.RIO + Manic Focus at Blackbox Theater (Reggae/Rock/EDM)

December 1-2 – Preservation Hall All-Stars Christmas at Booth Playhouse (New Orleans Jazz)

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