It’s official: Charlotte FC is the city’s MLS soccer club name

By Zach Goins 

July 22, 2020 (updated)

After months of speculation and anticipation, Charlotte’s MLS expansion franchise unveiled its official club branding. The announcement launches the team’s name, as well as the color scheme and crest.

The name Charlotte FC beat out other finalists like Charlotte Town FC, Charlotte Crown FC, and Charlotte Athletic FC. The FC stands for “football club,” and is a nod to traditional European-style team names.

Charlotte FC official logo

The design for the crest is inspired from Charlotte’s history as the first American city to have its own branch of the United States Mint. In the middle of the circular design of the team logo, or crest, sits a crown, a detail paying homage to Charlotte’s title as the Queen City and the four historic wards coming together as one. It may also help soften the blow for some fans who were hoping to hear a club name more in line with Charlotte Crown. 

“The Charlotte FC brand truly embodies our city with a design that reflects Charlotte’s rich history,” said Charlotte FC Owner David Tepper. “When we were awarded the team in December, I spoke about this club bringing the city together. To reach the point where our fans can actually know our name and see our colors is a significant milestone.”

Panthers/Charlotte FC owner David Tepper. Photo: Alex Cason

The color scheme of blue and black closely resembles the Carolina Panthers, but shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention. Ever since the MLS and Panthers/Charlotte FC owner David Tepper announced the team in December, Tepper and team president Tom Glick have emphasized the importance of making the MLS feel at home in Charlotte. Since the two teams will share Bank of America Stadium, the similar color scheme made sense; the stadium is already decked out with blue and black seats and branding. While the particular shade of blue is slightly different from Panthers blue, it’s close enough to pass the eye test, and it may save fans a few bucks when it comes to updating their game day wardrobe.

The team was first announced as the league’s 30th franchise in December 2019. Since then the club has hired its sporting director (general manager) Zoran Krneta, launched its youth academy in March, and earlier this month signed its first-ever player in Spanish midfielder, Sergio Ruiz.

A complete team may still be two years away, but the club has gradually released details in a string of announcements that will likely continue all the way up to the team’s debut.

Watch the full announcement video:

Charlotte FC official badge
Charlotte FC secondary logo

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