Courtney Lynn & Quinn merge shared love of indie folk and soul on new album ‘Remiss’

 By Shirley Griffith 

Photo: Joe Barbera

January 16, 2020

Living in the south affords many opportunities to become neighbors with talented Americana and folk musicians. So many opportunities, in fact, that the genre can seem oversaturated. But, newly minted Charlotteans Courtney Lynn & Quinn lift a veil to that congestion with their sweeping, heartfelt songs about love, faith, and the harmony found between them.

After moving to Charlotte a few years ago, the pair attempted to perform separately and follow their own styles of music: Courtney Lynn the indie-folk songwriter, and Quinn the soulful, gravelly counterpart. During this time as they navigated the Charlotte music scene, Courtney Lynn released her debut solo album Wander Years. In live performances of the album and at various open mics around town, Quinn would sing alongside Courtney Lynn manifesting such a powerful connectivity that audiences started associating them as one act. Their love for one another and the synchronized way they’d perform made the choice obvious– the pair decided to let the best of individual their styles flourish as one cohesive sound. On the heels of this decision to bond their art, the two married– solidifying a balancing union of love and music.  

Drummer Steve Cornacchia, Courtney Lynn Russell and Quinn Russell. Photo: Critsey Rowe

Merging their shared love of indie folk and soul the band starts off the new decade by sharing their love language with the release of six-track project, Remiss. The album features two singles, “Fire” and “Tired,” which broadcast the band’s growing sound and hand-plucked melodies, showing a softer side to the stomp-heavy Americana genre. 

The previously released music video for “Fire” features the pair’s wedding day interspersed with intimate, emotional serenade scenes of the women at their story’s foundation– two phenomenal voices and an acoustic guitar. The album’s standout track is “Better,” a sentimental ode to challenging yourself to be “better” in all the ways that allow you to be present for the things that really matter. Syrupy violins unfurl alongside whispering acoustic guitar as lifted vocals cut through to the listener’s heart with a determined, lived strength. The album offers more than Courtney Lynn & Quinn’s expected thoughtful songwriting, with elements of burning soul churning in step with bluesy, born-again guitars and sharp, punctuated drumming. The punchy “Forgive You” is a moving-on song, one so spirited that the listener can almost feel the cool air on their cheeks as they walk away from an incinerated past. The lonesome wail of “Running” knits itself together with warm strings and meshing drum rolls, blending carefully into an organic, earthy pulse as Courtney Lynn & Quinn’s melodic harmonies pique with yearning testament. 

The album is a profound release from the Americana lovebirds turned songbirds, a delicate and lovingly crafted folk exploration. Courtney Lynn & Quinn and their full band (rounded out by bassist Luke Barnett and drummer Steve Cornacchia) are throwing an album release party for Remiss on Saturday, January 18 at The Visulite Theater featuring special guests Darby Wilcox and Kaska Sun

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