Deniro Farrar, Lute, and Southside Gauxst drop introspective new track “Winter”

By Jose Mujica

December 6, 2020

Deniro Farrar has dropped his latest single “Winter,” featuring fellow Charlotte rappers Lute and Southside Gauxst. Following his latest releases “Wu Tang” and “3AM,” in addition to his EP Sole Food released in February, it’s clear the tumultuous past months have provided Farrar plenty of ammo to speak on. In the video directed by William C. Simmons, Farrar enters a room resembling a group therapy meeting. Once he begins reciting the chorus, it doesn’t take long for Farrar to strike a tone of contemplative vulnerability that characterizes the song. “This corona ain’t no joke / Upper respiratory problems got me prayin’ for my Granny, ‘cause she got bronchitis / And I don’t wanna panic but goddamn it.” Farrar lets us in on some personal issues as he vents about some of the problems he’s faced with images of him playing with his children at Freedom Park.  

Deniro Farrar Photo: William C. Simmons

Coming off his latest project SSGTM2 in October, Southside Gauxst arrives in the second verse delivering a feature that’s both poignantly raw and brutally honest: “I would say I took some losses, but they really was lessons / I was analyzing it wrong until I changed my direction.” Gauxst puts a microscope on the societal issues of marginalized communities, revealing how they manifest on a personal level. “It’s so much drama in the hood and it’s way too common / I’m still repairing the relationship that I need with my mama.” He displays a genuine emotional maturity that’s desperately needed in today’s rap music.

Southside Gauxst. Photo: William C. Simmons

Dreamville’s Lute rounds out the last verse on the track making his intentions clear from the start: “Let’s keep it two Virgils, let’s keep it real / I ain’t tryna fight, I’m tryna heal.” Lute opens up on the verse juxtaposing the life he’s enjoying now and the hard times it took to get there. “Bought a house up on a hill, paid that shit in tears / Keep it transparent ‘cause some n***as live in fear.” Lute rides the beat, dropping wisdom to listeners on the lessons he’s learned before clarifying he’s not looking for pity, but explaining the struggle turned him into a new man: “Don’t console me / Let me grieve in peace / Rest in peace the old me.”

Lute. Photo: William C. Simmons

All three artists dig in deep, baring their hearts on the track, which only makes it a more compelling listen. Deniro’s promotion of a conscious and healthy lifestyle shine through with themes of emotional and psychological health throughout. The artists are sharing their pain and anxieties within a supportive group, spreading positive messages, working through relationship problems through honest self-evaluation, and understanding the responsibility of working to better yourself. In addition to maturing artistically, it seems Farrar and company want to encourage listeners along the way. 

Watch the music video and listen to the track “Winter” by Deniro Farrar featuring Lute and Southside Gauxst.

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