Charlotte indie rockers Pullover return with sweet new single “Sentimental Song”

 By Delaney Clifford

December 4, 2020 (updated)

Charlotte indie rockers Pullover have returned with a new single, “Sentimental Song,” via Self Aware Records. This latest work shows a continued honing of their self-described “dream-pop” style, building on their foundational blending of lo-fi rock and warm synthesizer, a sound they’ve demonstrated a mastery of on previous releases.

Originally forged in 2013 as a side project by longtime friends and collaborators Phil Pucci and Alex Smith under the moniker of Melt, Pullover has carved out its own sonic space in the Charlotte music landscape with two LPs and an EP.

L to R: Nicholas Holman, Brooke Weeks, Caiti Mason, Phil Pucci and Alex Smith. Photo: Brian Twitty

Both 2016’s Repossession Blues and 2020’s Forever firmly established Pullover’s sound of fuzzy, bolstered rhythms washed out with soothing, yet assertive vocals, and “Sentimental Song” hasn’t strayed far. It features the calming, steady tones of Pucci’s voice with backup vocals from Brooke Weeks and Nicholas Holman, a cozy bass by Caiti Maison, as well as the classic droning guitars, bright keys, and mellow atmosphere the group can always be counted on to deliver.

However, for as similar as “Sentimental Song” is to the band’s latest albums, it bears a notably soft touch and sparseness compared to the near-constant booming fusion of keys and guitar on Forever— like when Pucci’s voice is left alone near the end of the single, spot-lit with only a light guitar backing to accompany him. This may only be a fragment of the new song, but it signals a level of tranquil restraint that the group has all but forgone on the last two records.

Artwork for single “Sentimental Song”

Outside of this brief moment, “Sentimental Song” stands as a consistent addition to the growing catalogue of catchy, effortless, vibrant songs that Pullover has curated over the last seven years.

The band is currently in the process of writing new material for an upcoming release, but the direction of this new work is difficult to discern from the single alone. Perhaps “Sentimental Song” marks a continuation of the band’s tried and true sound; an unwavering faith in their decided style. Whichever route Pullover chooses to navigate, it points to one conclusion: we’ve got more in store from one of Charlotte’s best, and that’s good news for everyone. 

Listen to “Sentimental Song” and support Pullover on Bandcamp!

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