Blumenthal Arts will bring 3D virtual reality exhibit, ‘Space Explorers: The Infinite,’ to Charlotte’s Iron District

By CLTure

April 8, 2024

Blumenthal Arts has announced a new exhibit experience, Space Explorers: The Infinite, opening this fall. The new exhibit, inspired by real-life NASA missions, will transport attendees to outer space through awe-inspiring virtual reality created by three-dimensional 360-degree cameras. In partnership with Felix & Paul Studios, a Canadian company and Emmy Award-winning creator of immersive entertainment experiences such as Space Explorers: The ISS Experience and The People’s House, the studio has worked with SpaceX, LeBron James, Wes Anderson, and many more.

Space Explorers: The Infinite will be the first new resident of the Iron District, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry’s former cast iron foundry location.

“Real estate developers are coming to understand the power of what we do to not only draw crowds, but provide color, texture, and a creative spark that brings economic vitality and success to a growing community, said Blumenthal Arts President and CEO Tom Gabbard. “We are honored to be the first residents and partners to help bring the Iron District to life.”

‘Space Explorers: The Infinite” will transport attendees to outer space through virtual reality created by three-dimensional 360-degree cameras. Courtesy of Blumenthal Arts

The exhibit follows the record-breaking Immersive Van Gogh exhibition in 2021-22 which sold more than 300,000 tickets, and Blumenthal Arts is preparing for the next wave of experiential programming through Blume Studios, a department focusing on the intersection of technology, community, and the arts.

“Charlotte audiences proved there’s an appetite for this type of entertainment with the success of Van Gogh. We’ve traveled the world to prepare for this moment and usher Charlotte into the future of experiential art,” said Gabbard.

Attendees will be able to experience breathtaking views of Earth filmed from the astronauts’ perspective. Courtesy of Blumenthal Arts

Space Explorers: The Infinite is the world’s leading immersive exhibit about life in space and will allow viewers to experience breathtaking views of Earth filmed from the astronauts’ perspective, capturing the depth and immensity of the universe.

The hour-long adventure will take you through four captivating chapters including a 3D virtual reality tour of the International Space Station (shot onboard in space); exclusive footage of NASA’s Artemis I rocket launch to the Moon; the first-ever virtual reality spacewalk; and an audio/visual installation (The Universe within the Universe) by renowned artist Ryoji Ikeda.

Rendering of ‘Space Explorers: The Infinite’ exhibit coming to the Iron District in September. Courtesy of Blumenthal Arts.

Space Explorers: The Infinite will run from September 20 through November 10 at the Iron District (904 Post St, Charlotte, NC 28208) and tickets are now on sale (starting at $29.95). You can also expect free activities and art exhibits open to the public that will be announced at a later date.

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