LANY has that electro-pop R&B you need in your life

By Sharelle Burt

May 11, 2017

Los Angeles-based band LANY didn’t let failed solo careers stop them from creating a much greater collective sound that would put them on the map.

Waking up from a much-needed nap as the band is on the road touring, LANY front man Paul Klein tells us the group formed with best friends, Jake Goss (drummer) and Les Priest (backup vocalist), after taking a trip to one of the meccas of music, Nashville, TN. “My solo project had failed but I didn’t want to give up on making music,” Klein said. “I always had a desire to be in a band so why not form one with your best friends?”

LANY, which stands for Los Angeles New York, is embarking on its first world tour, performing some old songs and premiering new ones from their self-titled debut album due out on June 30. Performing close to 160 shows throughout the U.S., U.K, Australia and Canada, they will make an appearance in the Queen City on May 17.

So what is a LANY show like exactly? Fans that have been rocking with LANY for a while and even new fans can expect a whole lot of energy from their shows. Although they are an alternative electro-pop band with a mellow R&B sound, the audience may receive some rock vibes, with a stage presence to match.

LANY Photo by Catie Laffoon

“This will be our first time in Charlotte so we don’t know what to really expect,” Klein said. “At a LANY show, it’s always the coolest thing to see the fans sing along. The energy is amazing.”

Their debut album, dropping on June 30, tells the story of a lost teenage crush and the beginning stages of a new and exciting relationship, with singles like “It Was Love” and “Good Girls.” While most music has hidden messages, LANY’s music isn’t too hard to figure out. They combine simple love songs with uniquely composed pop-synth sounds creating collages of adolescence.

“Our music is relatable,” said the band’s frontman, Klein said. “We put our personal experiences in the music in hopes that our fans get it.”

LANY doesn’t consider going mainstream. In fact, Klein said he doesn’t think that’s a thing. “If it’s good enough, people will find it. If you’re creating realness, keep at it.” Wise words.

LANY comes to Charlotte on May 17 to the Neighborhood Theatre.

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