Graphic GarMINT will showcase Charlotte-based Black designers at the Mint Museum Uptown in February

By Shirley Griffith

January 29, 2023

To kick off Black History Month, some of Charlotte’s finest talents have teamed up to curate a can’t-miss exhibit opening at the Mint Museum Uptown on Wednesday, February 1. Mint Museum curator Jen Sudul Edwards and curatorial assistant Jamila Brown, along with the Young Affiliates of the Mint (YAMs), have joined forces with the vibrant and dynamic Davita Galloway (Dupp&Swat, CrownKeepers) to create Graphic GarMINT.

Graphic GarMINT will showcase the abundance and diversity of design in all of its forms by spotlighting the creativity and work of Charlotte-based Black designers. Some items represented during the evening will include everything from posters, hats, and stickers to jumpsuits, bags, and mens/womenswear.

Davita Galloway, co-creator of Graphic GarMINT at the Mint Museum with Jen Sudul Edwards, Jamila Brown, and Young Affiliates of the Mint. Courtesy 

Edwards and Brown knew Galloway would be the perfect creative to celebrate local Black artists’ visions and tie together the Mint’s ongoing exhibit. Last year, Galloway headed the exceptional FRESH2DEATH exhibit, a fashion-forward installation also held at the Mint that bloomed into FRESH2DEATH: StreetWhere, a two-day art, fashion, and food fest held at Camp North End. 

“We wanted to do something that both celebrated the work of Black artists in Charlotte and also tied in to the exhibitions on view. Fashion Reimagined inspired the theme and then, we immediately thought of the incredible FRESH2DEATH, a fashion-heavy installation that Davita Galloway did in the same space last May so it made sense,” said Edwards. 

Galloway has always boasted the work of local artists, but she’s recently been able to find pride in the changing landscape of Charlotte’s fashion scene, allowing designers, stylists and brands to showcase the work. 

“What is changing and growing is the number of platforms allowing designers, stylists, and brands to showcase their work. I am definitely proud of the work we’re personally doing in that regard,” said Galloway. 

Galloway believes the future of Charlotte’s fashion scene lies in people doing their part to find and support the talent that’s already here. She also urges the need for community through non-competing fashion weeks and accredited fashion schools and programs.

The opening reception for Graphic GarMINT will be from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. as part of Levine Center for the Arts’ Wednesday Night Live: Fashion Night at the Mint, a celebration of the exhibit Fashion Reimagined: Themes and Variations, 1760-NOW.

Held in the Mint5pace, the free reception will feature DJ Micki Blendz and a cash bar. MacFly Fresh Printing Co. will be live-screen printing posters featuring a design by PSheff which honors both the Graphic GarMINT and Fashion Reimagined exhibition. 

At 6:30 p.m. in the Mint’s atrium, the Kiki Ball 101/HouseBall performance begins, where five houses from the local and regional ballroom scene will breakdown the five elements of vogue– catwalk, hands, spins and dips, duckwalk, and floor performance– all while wearing looks inspired by current designs in the Fashion Reimagined exhibit. 

Graphic GarMINT will be on display until February 26 in the Mint5pace at the Mint Museum Uptown and will feature work from the following artists:

Elisha Cutter: @cutterelisha
David J. Butler: @dave_haswingz
Fart.PDF: @fart.pdf
House of Huebris: @houseofhuebris
Josh Henderson: @whatisrelax
Macfly Fresh Printing Co.: @macflyfresh
Makayla Binter: @makaylabinter_
TrashGenius: @trashgenius
Queen Loany: @queenloany
Westcott Studio: @westcott__studio

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