The Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO Bricks exhibit at Discovery Place offers something fun for all ages

 By Rachel Laurie

June 4, 2019

If you’ve ever wanted to be in the same room as the world’s most fantastic skyscrapers all at once, now’s your chance: the LEGO Towers of Tomorrow exhibit is now open at Discovery Place Science until September. The exhibit includes 20 skyscrapers made to scale entirely out of LEGOs, a behind-the-scenes video from LEGO builder Ryan McNaught, and 200,000 LEGOs for visitors to build their own creations.

Certified LEGO professional Ryan “Brickman” McNaught. Photo by: Alex Cason

This is the first of five exhibits from builder and certified LEGO professional Ryan “Brickman” McNaught. Towers of Tomorrow has traveled across Australia, Spain, the U.S. and Canada, but this is the first time in Charlotte. McNaught has visited all 20 cities the real skyscrapers call home, learning the purpose of the buildings and the impact each structure has on its city and residents. His passion for building carries on into his passion for learning. McNaught’s ultimate goal for the exhibit is for visitors to learn something new and continue being creative.

The Towers of Tomorrow exhibit runs from June 1 through September 2 at Discovery Place and each ticket includes entrance into the exhibit with full-day museum admission. To add more to the fun, Discovery Place has hidden 12 golden LEGO bricks in public spaces around Charlotte. Those who find the LEGO bricks before September win free admission for four to Discovery Place Science and the Towers of Tomorrow exhibit.

Why check out the exhibit? 

Be Creative

Towers of Tomorrow allows visitors to be creative and resourceful while gazing at and creating their own skyscrapers. Many features on the building were made using interesting LEGO parts. For example, gargoyles on the Chrysler building were made out of LEGO truck grills and barbells. Each skyscraper and intricate detail inspires visitors to not only learn about form and function, but how to be creative in unique ways.

Chrysler Building in New York City. Photo: Alex Cason


This exhibit is an entertaining day for the whole family, where the kids and adults can both play. Adults can reminisce and share some quality time with the kids while they learn and have some fun!

Learn about the Impact of Architecture

Visitors can discover fun facts, learn about the history of buildings and gain a new appreciation for the real and LEGO skyscrapers. The builder, Ryan McNaught, has a great appreciation for the architecture, but more importantly, he likes to learn about the lives affected by each building. His understanding and fun facts about each skyscraper make the exhibit more than just a LEGO creation, connecting to people and history.

Elaborate 1:200 scale recreation of CN Tower. Photo: Alex Cason


It’s an interactive hands-on learning experience that kids and adults can enjoy. The LEGO skyscrapers are elevated on a table. Underneath are 200,000 LEGOs that visitors can choose from to build. Museum admission is included in the exhibit ticket which provides all day access to more interactive experiences.

Bring The Experience Home

Continue building at home after visiting the exhibit. All of the 577,000 LEGOs used are sold in stores. Those with enough time and patience could essentially recreate the structures. Or at least, recreate them on a smaller scale and/or use the skills they learned to make new creations.

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO Bricks is now open through September 2.

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