Charlotte’s Southside Gauxst boasts his grown-up hustle with new song and video “448.0”

By CLTure News

March 12, 2020

Charlotte’s Southside Gauxst, the Queen City trap rap artist has released a new song and video, “448.0.” His debut project in 2014, Flip Phone Music, demonstrated his rough and rugged street-wise raps with the song “Left on Archdale,” and he recently released the track “Logistics Major” in January. Gauxst tapped videographer Kevin Smith for the video primarily shot at the Hibachi Grill on Independence Blvd. and the Museum Tower in Uptown Charlotte.

Southside Gauxst. Photo: Kosmic

The song, produced by Aero, is a thumping track with eerie synths that provide the ambience for Southside Gauxst’s forthright hustle raps: “I do this cuz I have to, I don’t do this to be stuntin’, gotta take care of myself, two kids and my woman.” Flaunting some cash with some quick-cutting shots, Gauxst displays his raw charisma with the gloomy Charlotte winter backdrop. 

After spending some time in Houston, Gauxst moved back to Charlotte in 2017 and has since been busy reacclimating to the city’s burgeoning music scene. He’s expected to release his new project, Logistics, this summer. 

Watch the music video for “448.0” by Southside Gauxst. 

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