Charlotte’s Madison Lucas and Modern Moxie release new single “Til I’m A Ghost” leading up to new album

 By Cameron Lee

March 29, 2019

There’s a playful innocence to the voice and music of Madison Lucas of Modern Moxie. The indie-pop rock group led by multi-instrumentalist Lucas, a South Carolina-born, now Charlotte resident since 2013, is backed by bassist and husband Harry Kollm with recently acquired guitarist Phil Pucci (Pullover) and Charlie Weeks (original Serfs drummer).

Lucas’ voice and lyrics have a dream-like poetic vibration reminiscent of anti-folk singer-songwriter Regina Spektor in their latest single “Til I’m A Ghost,” while Pucci’s glimmering guitar needles over a bouncy bossa nova-style track.

L to R: Madison Lucas, Harry Kollm, Phil Pucci, and Charlie Weeks

The new single from their forthcoming album Claw Your Way Out (June 7) has a whimsical appeal, evoking the feeling of being in a sunken place derived from the revolving capitalistic world in which we’re consumed. “Restart, spare parts, gotta go back to the top of the slide,” she sings before the song fiercely crescendos to the chorus: “All I know, is only want to rock ‘n’ roll, till I’m a ghost.”

The song exhibits a more mature angst from Lucas’ poppier yet impressive bedroom ep which she recorded mostly in her dorm room in college and released in 2011. With the ravamped lineup, sharper production, and more focused lyrical prowess, Modern Moxie is definitely a band to watch out for this year. Their new album Claw Your Way Out will be released on June 7 and you can preorder the album on their Bandcamp page.

Celebrate the release of the new album on June 8 at Snug Harbor with Faye, Future Friend, and Sweat Transfer

Listen to the new single  “Til I’m a Ghost” by Modern Moxie and follow the band on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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